The Global 7000 takes flight

We were excited to see the latest addition to the impressive Bombardier Global family take its maiden flight last week, in Toronto.

The Global 7000 follows in the footsteps of the Canadian manufacturer’s pioneering long range Global Express, and its successors, the Global 5000 and Global 6000. There are already many of these popular and impressive long range jets available in the global charter market.

Le premier vol du Global 7000 à Toronto

The first flight of the new Global 7000 took place on 7th November 2016 in Toronto. Image: Bombardier

A new ultra long range contender

The Global 7000 is Bombardier’s latest development in the the ultra long range segment, characterised by boundary-nudging performance. Its expected range of 7,400 nautical miles (13,705 km) puts it neck-and-neck with Gulfstream’s G650ER – currently the fastest and furthest long range jet available.

Bombardier Global 7000

Inside Bombardier’s Global 7000. Image: Bombardier

In speed terms too, it’s a match with with G650ER, capable of a maximum cruise of Mach 0.925 – just below the sound barrier.

These two manufacturers are rivals at this very top end of the purpose built business jet market.

When Gulfstream released the G650’s ER (Extended Range) variant, it was widely seen as a response to Bombardier’s Global 7000 & 8000 program (the Global 8000 with a proposed range of 7,900 nm is currently still under review after a challenging few years for Bombardier).

The Global 7000's range will allow nonstop flights such as Dubai to New York. Image: Bombardier

The Global 7000’s range will allow nonstop flights such as Dubai to New York. Image: Bombardier

The Global 7000’s range will enable passengers to travel from Paris to Singapore or Dubai to New York without a fuel stop.

The cabin interior is divided into four separate zones, plus a crew rest area. It can accommodate up to 17 passengers and is highly customisable, with cabin options including side divan seating; a master bedroom suite; and a formal dining area.

Les arrangements de cabine du Glibal 7000

Bombardier will offer a number of different cabin customisation options for the Global 7000. Image: Bombardier

When will the Global 7000 be available for charter?

A first flight is only the start of the $78.2 million Global 7000’s journey towards becoming available to private jet customers. This latest long range jet will now undergo a series of tests, before it receives its final type certification.

Read more about the stages of development of a new private jet.

First deliveries are planned for 2018, so all being well, we expect to see the Global 7000 available for charter in 2019.

Le Global Express de Bombardier

The Global Express XRS is already available for charter. Image: Bombardier

In the meantime, other members of the Global family such as the Global Express XRS, Global 5000 and Global 6000, are already available for charter. As are, of course, long-range jets from rival manufacturers.

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