10 Signs You Might Be An AvGeek

We recently saw an article making the rounds on social media about signs that you’re an aviation geek. However, we thought a few key signs were missing and decided to create our own list.

Here are our ten signs, inspired by our own AvGeeks in the PrivateFly Flight Team, that we think REALLY prove that you have a true passion for aviation.

1. You spend your spare time hanging out at different airports trying to capture private jets on your camera. 

(Much like Alex P., our own avid aviation photographer. Check out his photography here.)

2. You can spot an aircraft type from the ground.

(Julien from our Flight Team can usually even tell you the tail number – and the color of the seating!)

3. You have over 10 different aviation apps on your phone. 

(Or over 50, including the PrivateFly app, like our flight team member Alex!)

4. You daydream about flying all types of aircraft. 

(PrivateFly CEO, Adam Twidell, constantly reminisces about his time as both a RAF and private jet pilot, and is always excited to fly the Citation XLS again.)

5. You’re faster than Google Maps at knowing which airport is closest to your destination

(Much like our American charter expert, Marion.)

6. You can talk for hours about avionics and airplane engines to anyone, without being prompted. 

(Don’t get stuck next to our future British Airways pilot Henry if you want to avoid this!)

7. You know the estimated price for any flight, on any private aircraft. 

(After working for Air France, and now managing the PrivateFly Flight Team, Mehdi is pretty much a walking private jet cost calculator.)

8. You take the chance to fly on any aircraft, to any destination, at any time. 



(Matt from the Flight Team spends every day off catching empty legs, often stating that “a day out of aviation is a day wasted!”)

9. You know which FBO at each airport is the best. 

 (Arthur, who not only worked at many FBOs across Europe, but also flies the Eclipse, knows the private jet customer experience for each FBO inside-out.)

10. You can say the phrase “Instrument Landing System” in multiple languages. 

(Our Flight Team member, Davide, can say it in five – German, Italian, English, French and Swiss German!)

After reading our list, do you consider yourself an AvGeek? How many of these can you relate to? Which signs of being an AvGeek would you add?

To speak to any of our AvGeeks about flights, aircrafts or airports, call our Flight Team (available 24/7) at (866)726-1222 or contact us