Air Horse One: Airline for the Equine

Have you ever wondered how horses can travel to distinct destinations for races? The answer is an extremely specialized airline, Sutton Forwarding Co., affectionately known as “Air Horse One.”

This Boeing 727 is unlike any other aircraft; it has been specifically outfitted for horses.

air horse one

At over 1,000 pounds and well over 7 feet tall, these aren’t your average airline passengers.

But Air Horse One has been modified to accommodate 21 prized thoroughbreds, quarter horses, show jumpers, eventers and dressage horses. From the special large cargo door and padded stalls to the hay and water sources, this aircraft is a niche inside a niche.

In addition to the horses themselves, there’s space on board for their trainers and groomers.

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And although it might sound crazy to spend thousands of dollars to fly a horse to a specific race or destination, it’s actually much easier on the horse overall; the stress and strain of a multi-day trip in a cargo van versus a few-hours flight makes a world of difference to these prize ponies.

Just as a long-distance road trip might wear you out, so it wears out horses too.

Special doors to board the horses.

Special doors to board the horses.

Considering the massive purses these horses are able to win at races, the average $3,150-$5,000 flight costs per “passenger” seem nominal.

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International travel can get tricky, as most nations will require a horse remain in quarantine upon arrival – sometimes for up to a month – but it still happens.

The main concern for flying horses is to make sure they have enough water on board, as they can get dehydrated (just as humans do).

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