Last week, Airbus announced that it would be joining forces with the Aerion Corporation – one of the front runners in the race to launch the world’s first supersonic private jet with the Aerion AS2. While their concept has been on paper for several years now, Airbus’ recent involvement takes it one exciting step closer to making it a reality.

While no details of the commercial arrangement have been made public yet, Aerion will benefit from Airbus’ considerable expertise in design, manufacture and certification. A team of engineers, assembled from the Airbus Group’s military division, will join Aerion at their headquarters in Reno, Nevada.

“This agreement accomplishes two major objectives,” stated Aerion’s CEO, Doug Nichols. “It provides validation from the industry leader in aerospace innovation, and it decisively kicks the program into high gear. Each company will benefit.”

The Aerion AS2 will cost around $100 million, with certification planned for 2021, after a first flight in 2019. The aircraft is projected to fly as fast as Mach 1.6. Learn more about what Mach means when describing aircraft speed here.