Bombardier expands the boundary-breaking Global family

Last week several of our team were at EBACE, Europe’s premier business aviation event, in Geneva. It’s always a fantastic event and this year was no exception – a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our network of operators and partners, and to share opinions in the debates and panel events.

We were also proud to accept our official ‘Argus Certified Broker’ certificate renewal following our initial certification two years ago – reflecting our ongoing commitment to best practice and safety. And to win ‘Best Broker’ category at the Sapphire Pegasus Awards.

But as ever, the main attraction for us and everyone else was the aircraft themselves – and there was no shortage of them on the static display! And the big aircraft news this year came from Canadian manufacturer, Bombardier.

Big news from Bombardier

Photographe prenant le Global 7500 de Bombardier en photo

The renamed Global 7500 was a big hit at EBACE.

EBACE’s major aircraft announcement was Bombardier’s launch of two new aircraft in its long range Global family: The Global 5500 and 6500. This was rolled in with a change of the name for the Global 7000, to the 7500 – which is currently in the late stages of its certification program.

As the names suggest, this is all about flying further – a key commercial differentiator at this very top end of the private jet market. Even further than expected in the 7500’s case (as we reported on the blog last month: The Global 7000 overtakes the Gulfstream G650ER).

(A tip on how to pronounce the new names: The 7500 is the “seventy-five hundred”, not the “seven thousand five hundred” and so on!).

Global 6500 and 5500

The new 6500 & 5500 will add to the impressive Global line-up. Image: Bombardier.

Adding to the range are the new $46 million Global 5500 and the $56 million Global 6500 – enhanced versions of Bombardier’s existing Global 5000 and 6000, with added range and fuel efficiency.

With two new Rolls-Royce Pearl engines and redesigned wings, the Global 5500 will cover 5,700 nautical miles and the Global 6500 will 6,600 nautical miles. The 5500 will be able to fly nonstop from São Paulo to Paris, or from Moscow to Los Angeles; and the 6500 Hong Kong or Singapore to London.

Both of the new aircraft will also have brand new interiors, following the developments for the Global 7500. This includes Bombardier’s new ‘Nuage’ seating, that converts into a flat surface for sleeping or for banquet-style table dining.

Global 7500 interior

The interior of all three new Globals will feature Bombardier’s new Nuage seating. Image: Bombardier.

When will the Global 5500, 6500 & 7500 be available for charter?

The Global 7500 is at the later stages of its certification program and set to enter service later this year, with charter availability following in 2019.

The 6500 and 5500 are expected to be certified towards the end of 2019, according to Bombardier. So we’d expect them to become available for charter at some point in 2020.

While we wait for the new Globals, our expert Flight Team can give advice or pricing for the existing Global range, or any other aircraft. Contact us or call +44 (0)20 7100 6960.