How To Prepare For Your Flight To Davos

Later this month, business leaders, international political leaders, journalists and more will be flying into Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

These participants come from over 100 different countries, and often need to fly in and out on a tight timeframe, or need to work around increased privacy or security. This leads to a major demand for business aviation within Europe, while airports around Davos see a significant increase in private flights during the event. Last year, over 1700 private flight movements were seen in and out of local airports – double the average daily volume of flight traffic.

Image: Flyout

As with any major event, we advise that clients book much further in advance than they usually would, as slot and parking restrictions mean less flexibility – and availability – than usual. We have already had many flights booked for this year’s event, and expect to receive more. If you’re flying into Davos later this month, here’s what you need to know:


The primary airport used by private jet customers to Davos is Zurich Airport. The airport is an hour and 45 minutes away from the event by road, however some visitors can also choose to charter a helicopter for a faster transfer time.

The closest private jet airport to Davos is actually Samedan St Mortiz Airport, however due to its high altitude, it can be made vulnerable to bad weather in the winter months. And while it is just 40 miles away from Davos (half the distance of Zurich), the driving time to Davos isn’t much different.

Other airport options for Davos include Friedrichshafen in Germany, Geneva Airport, and EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. Aircraft will also reposition in and out of these airports, as space at Zurich will be at an absolute premium. Dubendorf airfield (a military airport close to Zurich) can also be used for repositioning only, as it has no customs facility.


Zurich Airport will have limited aircraft parking available during the World Economic Forum. There are around 60 parking spots at the airport for private aircraft, which will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. These are usually reserved well in advance of the event, so it pays to book as far ahead as possible.

Image: Alex Peake

And if schedules are revised later, you may lose your parking spot, so we always recommend that clients try not to change their timings – this is usually a major benefit of private aviation, but changes to schedules are best avoided when flying during popular events like this.

When the parking spots are full, aircraft must only drop off and pick up passengers at Zurich, but then relocate to one of the other airports mentioned above before re-positioning back in for the return flight.

Aircraft arrival and departure slots are less of a problem at Zurich than the parking, but will also be harder than usual to come by. So again, we recommend planning your flight as far in advance as possible.


Given all airports are at least 90 minutes away by road, there is much demand for helicopter transfers to Davos, both from those transferring from private jets, and those using commercial airlines.

The Stilli helipad at Davos. Image: Kecko

The flight time by helicopter from Zurich to the Stilli helipad in Davos is 30 minutes, and all international passengers must first clear customs and immigration before boarding the helicopter.

Once again, availability is limited due to high demand, so flights should be booked as far ahead as possible.


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