Increased Security For US-Bound Flights: How It Affects Private Jet Travel

It’s recently been announced that the United States is planning on stepping up security for some flights headed to the US from Europe and the Middle East, reflecting heightened concerns from activities taking place in Syria and Iraq.

While the TSA has not disclosed any specific steps or airports that will be affected, passengers may see additional inspections of shoes and electronics, additional use of scanners, and an additional stage of screening at boarding gates, possibly causing long lines and security delays for travelers.

Due to this news, I’ve been contacted by various media, asking how this increased security will affect private jet passengers. The answer is, overall, this change in security won’t cause any issues when traveling by private jet, as it might for commercial air travel.

While private jet security will still follow the same increased standards implemented by TSA on some inbound flights from Europe and the Middle East, since there are fewer passengers on a private jet, the process will still be very quick and streamlined.  With private jet travel, passengers can arrive at the airport 30 minutes before the expected departure time and still get through all the increased security tasks if necessary.

Customs and immigration procedures must be complied with for all private jet flights, however at PrivateFly, we offer customs and immigration prescreening prior to the trip, allowing private jet passengers to enjoy an even quicker boarding process the day of. Additionally, at most larger airports, there are dedicated private jet terminals with dedicated customs and immigration staff that will allow you to go through the process quickly if necessary, without the hassle of lines and delays.

If you have any questions about security when flying by private jet, please contact our Flight Team (24/7) at (866) 726-1222 or contact us here.