New Engine Design Renews Hope for Electric Aircraft

PrivateFly is closely monitoring the progress of solar and electric engineering in aviation, in the hopes of one day offering these aircraft for charter.

Recent Projects

One of the most advanced projects in development is known as the E-Fan, a fully electric aircraft invented by Didier Esteyne with the Airbus Group. The E-Fan saw initial success in 2015 and sought to be sold as a pilot training device, but the project was abandoned to focus on the development of a hybrid regional aircraft.

E-Fan from Airbus

E-Fan from Airbus

Solar Impulse tried to achieve the construction of a solar airplane capable of flying around the world in 2015. By 2016, the feat had been accomplished, and development is still underway.

Newest Developments

Startup MagniX recently announced a project to develop an electric battery propulsion system that could replace the turboprop engine.

If such an endeavor comes to fruition, it could mean that popular turboprops like the Cessna Caravan or King Air could see electric motors instead of their traditional parts.

The MagniX model features 350 horsepower and is expected to develop further to reach 750 horsepower in order to power a Cessna 208 Caravan.


MagniX claims the true value in the ingenious motor is in its profitability and low operating cost; the startup states that the motor will not exceed 40-60% of the current average operating costs of turboprop engines – in addition to the clear savings on fuel.

When Will Electric Aircraft Be On The Market?

As turboprop aircraft are increasingly popular in the American charter market, we hope these developments will see success soon. PrivateFly will be keeping a close eye on this space and other advancements in the industry.

Soon, we hope! Image: MagniX

Soon, we hope! Image: MagniX

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