Pilot Nigel’s 2018 Adventures

At PrivateFly, we are as passionate about travel and aviation as our clients. When we’re not in and around aircraft for work, we don’t miss the opportunity to travel for pleasure.

In addition to moving between our offices in the UK, Fort Lauderdale, and Boston, we love discovering new destinations around the world. But one member of our team is particularly well-traveled: Nigel the Pilot Bear never fails to slip into our luggage or to jump onboard with clients.

Here are a few of Nigel’s highlights for 2018:

Snowmobile Tour in Lapland

Nigel started the year traveling to Lapland, where he enjoyed a reindeer ride and a snowmobile safari through the stunning winter landscapes of Finland.

nigel at lapland

Want to discover Lapland? Charter a private jet to Kittila Airport in Northern Finland.

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 Sunbathing in Cornwall

A day in Cornwall when the sun is shining can’t be beat! Nigel enjoyed a trip to Booby’s Bay this year – a spot in the UK famous for its sandy dunes and surfing.

nigel at the beach

Fly into Newquay Airport by private jet – the King Air turboprop is the most popular (and cost-effective) aircraft for this trip.

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 Biking Around Lake Geneva

In May, part of the UK-based PrivateFly team ventured to Geneva to attend EBACE. CEO Adam Twidell and European Marketing Manager Cha decided to make their trip even more meaningful by joining forces with BACA as part of the BACA Bikes the Lake 180km cycling challenge; they biked around Lake Geneva to raise funds for fly2help, a charity that provides flights for children in need.

Many of our clients enjoy an active vacation, so feel free to follow Nigel’s lead, even if just to take in the views of Switzerland.

nigel GENEVA collage

Geneva International Airport offers extraordinary views of Lake Geneva, and is often used for private jet travel. Nearby Lausanne Airport can accommodate small jets as well.

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Exploring the Panama Canal

Nigel loved seeing the living history embodied in the Panama Canal. This epic piece of engineering connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and allows major cargo shipments to pass.

nigel at panama canal

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Summer Hikes in Sicily

Nigel enjoyed a tour of Sicily, Italy, over the summer. One of his highlights was the Scala dei Turchi, a striking white rock face in the Agrigente province.

nigel in sicily

Jet to Sicily via Catania Airport – many clients connect with their yachts or sailboats even!

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 World’s Most Scenic Airport Landing

Donegal, in Northern Ireland, was voted the World’s Most Scenic Airport Landing of 2018 in PrivateFly’s annual poll; Nigel insisted he see what the hype was about – and was impressed!

Nigel visited in August (where he met Mr. Moo too!).

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 Fresh Powder in Colorado

To finish 2018, Nigel hit the slopes of Vail, Colorado. He enjoyed hot chocolate in Mid-Vail Lodge, with quite the view of the Rocky Mountains behind him!

nigel in vail

Eagle County Airport provides quick and easy access to Vail and Beaver Creek resorts.

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 Wherever your travels take you in 2019, let us get you there. Contact us online or call us at (866) 726-1222 for a custom quote.