Relocating by Private Jet

There are many reasons why our customers choose private jet charter; some enjoy the comfort and privacy of private aviation regularly, while others charter a jet for special situations.

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But either way, convenience is a primary factor. And that’s most definitely true of a growing sector of our customer base: those who utilize the benefits of private aviation when they relocate to a new city or split time between multiple homes.

Phenom 300E PrivateFly

The Phenom 300E has excellent luggage capacity for its size.

Private Jet Charter for Relocation

A house move, especially when you change region or country, can be a stressful time.

Whether the distance is several thousand miles or just a few states over, there’s a lot to factor in logistically: from moving your furniture and belongings to keeping your family and pets together, it can be quite the challenge.

At PrivateFly we regularly move clients cross-country or internationally. Many possessions move via cargo, but often the most precious items, chief of which are your family members and furry friends, need to be handled with more care.

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Carol Cork & Tex sit comfortably*

This is where a private flight can be ideal; a stress-free, easy-going way to reach your fresh start.

In the US, coast-to-coast moves are common, whereas country-to-country moves are more common within Europe. But we also arrange long-haul relocations; recently we flew a couple and their two cats from San Francisco to London, after the client negotiated the private jet flight with his new employer.

Temporary Relocation

We also often find travelers with multiple home-bases – often splitting their year among two or three properties – where a private jet flight can also ease their “mini” moves throughout the year.

From New York to Miami or LA to New York – our expert Flight Team can assist with your flight.

Moving…With Your Pets

In a private jet, your pet can travel in the cabin with the passengers, which greatly reduces stress and health risks for animals, especially on long flights.

Last year, we organized more long-haul relocation flights than ever before, both in Europe and the US. In many cases the passengers included cats or dogs (and sometimes both, or pets of other varieties). Here’s one review we received from a client in this situation.


How to Charter a Private Jet for Relocation

When flying with lots of luggage and animals, our experienced team can advise on the best aircraft to fit your needs.

Some jets have a wider, higher cabin or a larger weight capacity which is more suited to a relocation flight. And when pets are traveling, there are some extra considerations to bear in mind such as travel paperwork. So we’d always recommend allowing a bit more lead time than for other types of private flights.

If you’re considering a relocation by private jet, or would like a quote on any other itinerary, contact us online or call us at (866) 726-1222.

*Please note that PrivateFly does not own any aircraft, we act as a charter broker.