Would Bombardier C Series Make A Good Private Jet?

Bombardier and the C Series are currently at the heart of a turbulent economic debate. With delays in development and design of the C Series aircraft in Quebec and strong competition in the market, Bombardier is facing a difficult marketing challenge.

C Series 100 Aircraft Takes Off

While Bombardier is trying to stand out from competitors with a range of single-aisle aircraft, Boeing and Airbus have continued to expand and innovate. Given these difficulties, the governments of Quebec and Canada have finally decided to help out the aircraft manufacturer; with Air Canada recently announcing the purchase of 45 C Series aircraft, as well as the option to acquire 30 more later on.

The C Series aircraft is directly comparable to the Airbus A319 and the Boeing 737; two planes that are often used for business aviation and remodeled for private plane use. The ACJ319 (or Airbus Corporate Jet 319) can be transformed into a giant A319 jet which can be upgraded to accommodate VIP passenger groups or completely refurbished to look like the inside of an apartment (bedroom and theater included). The jet version of the Boeing is well-known as the BBJ, or the Boeing Business Jet, often referred to as the ultimate private plane.

With this in mind, we wondered, would the C Series do well as a business jet too?

Should the CSeries be a private jet?



C Series has a capacity of 100 to 150 seats, similar to the A319, meaning it could have similar configuration capabilities – with a cabin that could accommodate 19 passengers (the same as the typical ACJ319).

Cabins of converted aircraft lines are generally very luxurious. We think the C Series Jet should follow the examples of the Lineage 1000 by Embraer: a modern, comfortable and very high-tech interior.

Additionally, the CS100 has a range of over 3,500 miles, which would allow travelers to use the VIP CS100 jet to fly coast-to-coast (New York City to Los Angeles) or even medium hauls between Europe, the United Emirates and Russia.

The range of the CS300 is a bit longer (3,700 miles), which would allow passengers to use the VIP CS300 jet to cross across the Atlantic, from New York to London.

However, with a change in configuration of the C Series interior, it could have a longer range. This is what Airbus achieved with their A319, which replaces some of it’s luggage capacity with an additional fuel tank to increase the range. If this was done, the CS300 jet could easily make a flight from Los Angeles to Paris without difficulty. 

In addition, Bombardier ensures that the operating costs of the C Series are 15% lower than those of its competitors, which would make the CSeries Jet a more cost-effective option for operators and customers. It’s also expected to emit less noise and burn less fuel, making it a much more environmental choice compared to its competitors.


The dimensions of the two planes are very similar, but the ACJ319 has a slightly larger and taller cabin, giving more space for passengers.

Both aircraft can reach an impressive maximum speed of Mach 0.82 (by comparison, the fastest jet in the world, the Citation X, can reach the speed of Mach 0.935).

C Series 100 and 300

But the biggest difference between the two lies in the range of the two aircraft, which Airbus Corporate Jet considerably beats the CSeries. However, if Bombardier does decide to replace some of the luggage space with an additional fuel tank, we can imagine that its range could approach that of the ACJ319.

This adjustment would mean that the possibility of a CSeries Jet would be a cost-effective alternative flight for private jet passengers, on both medium and long haul flights, and has the possibility of becoming an appealing option to VIP travelers.

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