Who’s Flying In For Davos 2015?

The World Economic Forum, an international institution committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation, is hosting its annual winter meeting in Davos, Switzerland at 21 – 24 January this year. The meeting brings together some 2,500 top business leaders, international political leaders, selected individuals and journalists from all around the world – many of which choose to get to the event by private aviation.

Global events such as Davos, can often be tracked to peaks in private jet traffic throughout the year. Attendees often need to fly in and out on a tight and flexible timeframe, while other factors such as privacy and heightened security mean that private aviation is the most efficient mode of travel.

Last year, around 725 unique business aircraft were responsible for a total of 1,595 flights during the week of the World Economic Forum. This was the busiest year for over five years in terms of private jet arrivals – and signs are pointing to a continuation of this trend as this year’s event approaches.

Which Are The Closest Private Jet Airports For Davos?

Last year's private jet movements for Davos (Source: WINGX Advance)

Zurich Airport handles the bulk of business aviation traffic during the Forum, with St. Gallen Airport and Samedan St. Moritz Airport also handling an increased number of flights for the event. Additionally, the nearby military airport in Dubendorf opens up during this time of year to help ease congestion at Zurich by allowing private aircraft to park there between inbound and outbound flights.

Where Are Davos Participants Coming From?

While Davos attracts people from all around the world, in 2014 over half the total private jet arrivals came from France, the UK, Switzerland and Germany. About six percent of total arrivals came from the US, while Saudi Arabic and the UAE were the only countries outside of Europe with five or more arriving private jet flights.

Which Private Jets Are Used To Get To Davos?

More than half of flights were on heavy/large jet aircraft in 2014 (Source: WINGX Advance)

Even though the majority of flights arriving into Davos are largely short range within Europe, more than half of flights last year were on heavy/large jet aircraft. These types of aircraft are not mainly chosen for their range ability or group size, but for status reasons; often reflecting the profile of the travellers inside, which usually range from heads of governments to CEOs of major corporations.

In 2014, ultra-long-range business jets dominated with a total of 410 movements, while there was an additional 387 heavy jet movements and 137 corporate airliner movements in total. Of those jets, Cessna’s Citation XLS and Dassault’s Falcon 7X were the most-used private aircraft during the week.

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