Can a private jet charter land at Courchevel?

At this time of year our Flight Team are busy arranging private jet flights to Courchevel and flights to other top ski resorts in both Europe and the USA.

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Landing at Courchevel is something that we’re asked about every year. The airport is in the heart of the French Alps and you can see it from the slopes, but landing there directly by private charter aircraft is very restricted for safety reasons, due to its short runway. Below we explain why.

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Courchevel Airport. Image: Hugues Mitton

Which types of private aircraft can land at Courchevel?

A variety of private jets and small aircraft and helicopters can be seen landing at Courchevel Airport (known officially as Courchevel Altiport), which is very close to the slopes. But due to the short length of the runway (525m) and its uphill gradient; the steep approach; and the ‘no go around‘ procedure, the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) sets very strict rules about landing there.

Private owners can use the runway for small and medium jet aircraft if they are flying themselves in their own aircraft, but for those commercially chartering, there are more stringent safety regulations – which limits access to the runway.

For commercial private jet charter the minimum stopping distance for the aircraft is multiplied by 1.6, to create the minimum landing distance required (LDR). Which makes Courchevel’s runway too short for most commercial private flights. Read more on private jet runway length requirements.

Private jet & helicopter options to Courchevel

At PrivateFly we recommend clients charter a private jet into Chambery, Grenoble, Geneva, or Annecy, which can all accommodate commercially-chartered private jets. Many clients heading to Courchevel then choose to book a helicopter transfer direct to Courchevel for the final approach.

Private jet in snow

Most of our Courchevel-bound clients fly into Chambery, Geneva or Annecy by jet, then transfer to a helicopter.

To fly to Courchevel from London, a small 4-seater Citation Mustang would cost around €12,500 for a 7-night return flight, with a further €1,900 (each way) for a helicopter transfer in a 5-seater AS350 helicopter.

What does a landing at Courchevel look like?

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