4 private jet flights with pets

As any pet owner would agree, our furry friends are very much members of the family.

At PrivateFly we have flown hundreds of pets by private jet charter with their owners over the years. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds….and even the odd ferret. Whether it’s a relocation or just travelling on holiday, safety and welfare are the primary concerns.

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Tex on seat

For these reasons, pet travel by private jet is becoming more and more popular – even with people who would not normally consider private aviation. On a private aircraft, the pet can travel in comfort in the cabin right next to their owner, minimising stress for everybody.

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Every pet flight is special, but here are just some of our favourites.

Two feline flyers

This client was travelling from London to San Francisco with her two cats, and wanted them to be cage-free on the flights. Apart from during take-off and landing, where the kitties needed to be in their carriers, they enjoyed a purr-fect transatlantic journey, in the freedom of the cabin.

Cats like the window seat too!

Moving home with pet rabbits

This family were moving home, from New York to Los Angeles, and needed to fly the whole family – including their beloved bunnies.

Pet rabbits

They were very concerned about putting the animals in cargo, especially as one was elderly.

On their private flight, the whole family flew together and the rabbits were comforted by being close to the family, who were able to relax knowing their pets were happy and well. A much easier way to start life on a new coast!

Ten pets on one jet

One aircraft, two pilots, two owners and ten animals. It might sound like the start to a joke, but this was one real (furry and feathery) flight.

Basically Noah's Ark!

It was certainly one of our most unusual flights, but we were delighted to help our clients fly with their two dogs, two cats, and six pet birds (four pigeons, a cockatiel and a finch), from London to Alicante, Spain. The flight was seamless if a bit noisy at times!

Best training for miles

We’ve also flown many pets and their owners to shows, competitions and even to residential training facilities. For some owners, the right choice of training school may be a long way from home.

German Shepherd dog

We flew an owner and his young German shepherd to a special facility to consult the best in dog training, and home again at the end of a hard week’s work. We can’t comment if the dog was better behaved on the journey home – client confidentially applies even to our furrier customers!

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Our expert Flight Team are very experienced at arranging flights with pets onboard, in Europe and in the US. Speak to them for advice 24/7 on 020 7100 6960.