5 airports where private jets can’t land (& how to get there anyway)

Panneau airportOne of the major benefits of private jet travel is being able to land at remote and isolated airports – where scheduled airline flights can’t reach.

Private jets of all sizes are more agile than airliners, making them able to use shorter runways and take steeper approaches.

But there are places in the world where even the most advanced private jet aircraft can’t land. Here are five places where jets are a no-go (but how to get there anyway)…


Monaco is a very popular destination for luxury travellers and for major lifestyle and sporting events (such as the Monaco Grand Prix).

We find that travellers often think that they can fly to Monaco by private jet. But in fact no fixed wing aircraft can land there, since Monaco doesn’t have an airport, but a heliport. So a helicopter is the only type of air transport that can fly you directly to the principality.

Hélicoptère à Monaco

How to get there anyway?

The closest airports to Monaco are Nice Côte d’Azur and Cannes Mandelieu, from where it’s just a short helicopter transfer to Monaco. You can compare the pros and cons of each here: Should I land at Nice or Cannes?

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Santa Catalina Island

The island of Santa Catalina is on the coast of California, and is a popular destination for its stunning bay setting, and the surrounding protected beauty of the Channel Islands National Park.

The island is accessible by ferry or by airplane landing at Catalina Airport, known as the Airport in the Sky. It’s an impressive spot, with the runway perched on top of a mountain.

But this location and the short length of the runway (910m) means private jets are not permitted to land there.

Piste de l'aéroport Santa Cantalina

How to get there anyway?

Unlike private jets, private turboprop aircraft do not require such a long runway. Thanks to their slower landing speed, they can access more remote locations. (Read more on how required runway length is calculated).

So you can fly directly to Santa Catalina, on aircraft such as the King Air turboprop. However it’s important to consider that turboprops have a more limited range, so only give you a flight duration of an hour or two. So if you are flying longer distance, you would need to change aircraft for the final approach.

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Turtle Island

Turtle Island in Fiji’s Yasawa island group is a remote beauty spot, offering a luxury private resort and 14 different beaches popular with sunseekers, divers, and for watersports.

The island was the filming location for 1980’s The Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields, making it popular ever since, with those looking for a serene and romantic destination for weddings and honeymoons.

But there is no airport on Turtle Island, due to its conservation ethos and small size.

L'île de la Tortue en hydravion

Turtle Island can be reached by seaplane. Image: Turtle Island Fiji

How to get there anyway?

Visitors can arrive by 30-minute seaplane transfer from Fiji’s Nadi International Airport. The aircraft lands in the sea, close to one of the island’s beaches, setting the scene for one of the world’s most romantic island getaways.

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Barra is an island in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, known for the beauty of its wild coastline and its unique airstrip, the only commercial airport in the world situated on a tidal beach.

The landing at Barra is so impressive that it’s become a tourist attraction in its own right, with the airport regularly shortlisted as one of the World’s Top 10 Scenic Airports in PrivateFly’s annual poll.

However, don’t expect to land at Barra Airport in a Gulfstream or even a small jet like a Citation Mustang. The runway is not only too short to accommodate private jets, but it’s covered in sand, and sometimes in water!

Atterrir sur l'île de Barra

How to get there anyway?

Robust and agile turboprop aircraft, such as the BN2 Islander, can be privately chartered for a flight into Barra’s unique runway.

But you’ll need to be flexible with departure and arrival times, since the airport’s opening hours are guided by the tides, and daylight hours!

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If you want to visit the west of Paris, especially Versailles, Vélizy-Villacoublay Airport (also known as air base 107 Villacoublay) would seem like an ideal choice, being situated in Yvelines between Vélizy-Villacoublay and Jouy-en-Josas.

Clients do ask us about landing there, as private jets can be seen using it. But unless you’re the French President, or given special governmental authority, it’s a no go.

The air base is home to a specific French Air Force Squadron who are responsible for the secure travel of the President of the Republic and government authorities, using the presidential Falcon 7X or other private aircraft made available to the government.

Falcon de la République Française

How to get there anyway?

Fortunately, Paris has other airports that are accessible to private jet customers. Notably Paris Le Bourget, the busiest private jet airport in Europe, which is exclusive to business aviation flights.

But if you want to land even closer to the west or south of Paris, you can also fly in to Orly airport or the aerodrome at Toussus le Noble.

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