Caribbean island hopping by private aircraft

Caribbean island hoppingPrivate air travel is an essential element of transportation in the Caribbean.

Tip your head back and you can’t miss the sight of small aircraft flying overhead, shuttling travelers to and from many of the region’s island airports.

It’s very much part of the character of the area.

Some of our clients do use a private aircraft for the whole journey from their starting point in Europe or the USA, when travelling to the Caribbean.

But others use a combination of airline flights and private aviation, to reach their final destination.

It can make a lot of sense, as frequently you need to change to a smaller aircraft to reach many Caribbean islands anyway (which wouldn’t be the aircraft you’d choose for a longer journey).

Lots of Caribbean island airports are very small, with tiny runways that only accommodate small aircraft. St Barts’ runway of only 650 metres allows only small propellor aircraft such as BN Islander to land there.

Other clients like to use private aviation to move around once they are in the Caribbean region, to enjoy a multi-destination trip – regardless of how they have originally travelled. Boats operate between islands, but the distances can make this an unattractive option for many.

These are some of the most popular Caribbean island transfer flights we organise for our clients:

Caribbean transfers by private jet1) St Maarten to St Barts

Aircraft: BN Islander (7 seats)
Flight time: 15 mins
Price: $1,500

2) Antigua to St Barts

Aircraft: BN Islander (7 seats)
Flight time:45 mins
Price: €1,750

3) St Maarten to St Kitts

Aircraft: BN Islander (7 seats)
Flight time: 45 mins
Price: $3,900

4) St Maarten to Barbados

Aircraft: Beech King Air 200 (7 seats)
Flight time: 1 hr 45mins
Price: $9,000

5) Antigua to Mustique

Aircraft: Cessna Golden Eagle (5 seats)
Flight time: 1 hr 40 mins
Price: $6,000