Faster & Cheaper private flights at London City Airport

London City Airport recently announced the refurbishment of London City Airport’s Jet Centre, and to compliment their 60 second departure promise they’re also offering half price landing fees in June 2013.

PrivateFly’s web team visited the Jet Centre last week to meet the team and verify the 60 second promise.

For passengers departing from the Jet Centre the improvements start as you approach the entrance gate.

Previously visitors had to buzz on a security gate, wait to be let in, then walk along a tunnel before getting to the FBO reception and lounge.

Now the gate is open and visitors can walk straight up to reception – that’s a 3 second walk.

Behind the welcoming faces on the reception desk is a spacious lounge and refreshment area. Huge French windows look out onto jets parked at the airport.

If you’re in a hurry (or testing the 60 second promise, as we were) you can walk straight through the lounge to the security area, where your luggage is scanned before you head out to your waiting jet.

London City’s location has made it popular for its convenience, but some price conscious private jet bookers sometimes choose to sacrifice convenience for price, choosing other London airports over City Airport to avoid higher landing fees.

The Jet Centre’s refurbishment to focus on speed and service will be combined with a offer in June 2013 for half price landing fees for round trip flights. So private jet passengers can experience the combination of speed, service and price on private jet flights from London City Airport.

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