Dishwashers & fireplaces: Latest news in private jet interiors

The inside of many private jets can be highly-customised. That’s one of the benefits of private aviation. And at PrivateFly we often source a specific charter aircraft to meet a client’s cabin requirements. Whether that’s for a specific type of bathroom, a bedroom or kitchen onboard – or a particular seating configuration.

Latest developments in private jet interiors provide the highest possible levels of comfort and performance for both passengers and crew. Here’s a roundup of some of the recent innovations that caught our eye.

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A fireplace onboard (but no fire) 

Private jet fireplace

Image: Lufthansa Technik

Fire and aircraft don’t sound like a natural fit. And a fake fireplace can look rather….fake. So a fireplace is not something that has been seen in a high-spec VIP aircraft interior before.

But a new design by Lufthansa Technik was unveiled last month which looks likely to get a much warmer reception from private jet customers, who want to recreate the feel of a a cosy living room – without any safety concerns.

The company’s new Fireless Fireplace looks and sounds like a real fireplace and gives passengers a warm feeling while travelling at cruising altitude. The fireplace can be adapted to each customer’s taste and uses a technology which simulates a fire by illuminating water mist combined with an illuminated imitation of burning wood.

This creates a very realistic 3-D impression of a real fire and produces safe heat, while the ‘flame” is cold. Heat, sound and the intensity of the flame can be adjusted by a remote control. The Fireless Fireplace weighs around 30 kg excluding the surrounding interior design. Power consumption is up to 1300 W.

Inflight dishwasher

Image: Jet Aviation Basel

While many ground-based kitchens would be incomplete without a dishwasher, the appliance has not been commonly found in private aircraft galleys. But interiors specialists Jet Aviation Basel have now launched a plug and play, in-flight dishwasher, available in different sizes. Private aircraft that can be fitted with the new dishwasher include Boeing Business Jets (BBJ).

The dishwasher has been specially developed to make it compatible with aircraft-friendly, non-corrosive soap. And with safety benefits such as shock and vibration absorption and decompression, reducing the need to install additional components or make galley adjustments.

The device will free up the cabin crew’s time and allow long range jets to carry less kitchenware onboard. It also provides storage space and can be used to warm plates before serving meals – to enhance the passengers’ inflight eating experience.

The helicopter that thinks its a private jet

Bell 525 VIP helicopter interior

The stunning Bell 525 VIP helicopter interior. Source: Bell Helicopters

Helicopter interiors are more usually about functional comfort. But with a 88-square-foot cabin, the £10M Bell 525 Relentless has more space to play with.

The super-medium rotorcraft is a rival to AgustaWestland AW189 and the Airbus EC17, but raises the bar in terms of its technology – and its high-spec interior in the VIP version. The Relentless offers impressive speed and range (575 miles), and the world’s first fly-by-wire controls in a helicopter. Following its certification (expected later this year), it is expected to be popular for search-and-rescue missions and with the oil and gas industries – to reach locations inaccessible in an aircraft.

The VIP version will offer a cabin experience more akin to flying in a Gulfstream than a helicopter. The high-spec, luxury interior has a roomy cabin height of 137cm and will seat 16-20 passengers in a boardroom-style configuration, along with two flight crew.

Helicopter icon

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Mercedes-Benz moves into aircraft interiors

Mercedes Benz Lufthansa Technik interior

Image: Daimler

Best known for their state-of-the-art luxury design on the ground, Mercedes-Benz Style is joining forces with Lufthansa Technik to design VIP aircraft cabins. The two companies have plans to jointly develop a new ‘integrated cabin concept’ for short and medium range private aircraft.

In addition to adopting Mercedes’s emphasis on contrast in its material, colour and lighting, the cabin design proposes a new approach to layout: The traditional separation of ceiling, wall and floor are entirely replaced by a dynamic, spiral layout – much like a DNA helix. This creates independent spatial zones, without the typical arrangement of seat and wall elements.

The cabin features soothing blue aquariums and innovative windows – inspired by the screen design in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The windows are covered by black panels, which ‘float’ in front of the window like a light corona. And innovative Mercedes-Benz ‘Magic Sky’ technology allows these panels to be dimmed from black to transparent, with integrated touch screen controls and entertainment displays.

This is all at a concept stage at the moment, but looks amazing. We’ll be keeping a close eye on future developments.

How to choose a private jet interior

All charter aircraft in the PrivateFly network are selected according to strict criteria for safety and comfort. And we offer a huge range of interior options, on aircraft of all sizes.

If you’re looking to fly on a jet with certain interior specifications, we can offer this service and provide options for different configurations. Our Flight Team can show you images of specific aircraft interiors, and advise you on the ideal aircraft for your flight.

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