November 03, 2014

Work, sleep or exercise: How do you use your time in the air?

The real luxury of a private jet is not white leather seating or a marble bathroom but the ability it gives to use your travel time more productively. And that includes giving you more options for how you use your time onboard.

For business clients, it can be the perfect time to hold a board meeting or to work through a highly confidential discussion, without the risk of being overheard. Or to prepare and catch up on important reading for whatever lies at the other end of the flight – without the distractions of an airline cabin. Space, privacy and onboard technology make all this possible while you fly.

Others like to catch up on sleep. Many aircraft offer horizontal sleeping, some have separate bedrooms with full-sized beds. So whether it’s a restoring nap or a full nights’ sleep, you know you can arrive well-rested and ready for the day ahead.

Enjoying something to eat and drink onboard is also a popular choice. And when it comes to catering, the choice on a private jet is almost limitless. Find out more: What can I eat and drink on a private jet?

Some clients also like to use the time to look after their physical wellbeing, taking advantage of the space and privacy onboard to do gentle stretches, yoga or a few push ups – not something that you can (or want) to do on an airline flight. But taking part in a full spin class is a new one, even to us!

So I was fascinated to read in Forbes about a Gulfstream aircraft that has been fitted out with two $1,995 Peloton spinning bikes. The hi-tech exercise equipment includes flat screen technology, linking you live to a top spinning instructor on the ground in New York, who takes you through a spin class while you’re in the air.

The idea is that busy people who find it hard to find the time for exercise – or those too shy to take part in a group class – can connect remotely to a motivating, high quality class from their own environment. Be that their home, office or even their private jet.

This is a fun way to make the point but I can’t see there being a huge demand for this type of onboard exercise. But private jet travel is all about the bespoke, and sometimes the unusual. So if a customer asks to have one on their flight, we’ll certainly do our very best to oblige!

Whatever your onboard requirements on your private jet flight, our 24-hour Flight Team will do their very best to help. Contact us or call +44 1747 642 777

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