Flying high with Red Bull and Embraer

Last month I was invited to visit the Embraer factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Luckily the visit coincided with Red Bull’s trip for the Brazilian Grand Prix, which meant I could combine both Red Bull’s and Embraer’s “wings”!

Not only was it fascinating (not to say slightly emotional) to see brand new private aircraft rolling out of Embraer’s hangar doors, ready for delivery around the world; but I also discovered more about Embraer’s history and their space in the private aviation market.

Embraer Corporate Jet History

  • Formed in 1969 by the Brazilian government to build military aircraft
  • Privatised in 1994
  • Manufactured their first private jet, the Legacy,  in 2002
  • In 10 years managed to reach 22% of private jet market share
  • Now the fourth largest aircraft manufacturer in the world, with over 18,000 employees
  • The secret of Embraer’s decade of private jet manufacturing success has been converting their established airline types into corporate aircraft. This allows the private jet buyer to get much more aircraft for their investment.

    Embraer has produced 7 private jet types:

    Phenom 100
    Entry level 4 seater private jet that is classed above its ‘Very Light Jet’ competitors such as the Citation Mustang…read more

    Phenom 300
    Set to dominate the European market. This aircraft is priced as a small jet but boasts a medium sized cabin…read more

    Legacy 450
    Embraer plans to launch the Legacy 450 as a “mid-light jet”. The aircraft is designed for up to 8 passengers, with a range of 2300 nautical miles. Embraer plan to launch the aircraft in 2012.

    Legacy 500
    Bringing military fighter technology into the medium sized jet class, the Legacy 500 launch is eagerly anticipated, and expected to be on the charter market at some point in 2012.

    Legacy 600
    Competitor busting pricing has its owners a huge amount of aircraft for its $27m price tag…read more

    Legacy 650
    The extended version of the Legacy 600, allowing 14 passengers to travel 3900nm in VIP style and comfort….read more

    Lineage 1000
    A VIP version of the Embraer 190 regional airliner, the $49m price tag is the Brazilian crown jewel…read more

    Jackie Chan Embraer Ambassador

    Jackie Chan Embraer Ambassador

    Walking through the Embraer private jet delivery hangar, it is clear that Asian customers dominates their order book.

    The Asian private jet owner exhibits no reservations in advertising their business benefits of private flying. For example Jackie Chan’s new Legacy was painted with his name across its tail fin.

    What an advert for Embraer in Asia that will be!

    Embraer have also been able to introduce military technology into their private jets. The brand new Legacy for example will have ‘fly by wire’ flight controls which promises to make flights much more comfortable.  By having the complete set of Military, Airline and Corporate Jet manufacturing, Embraer is able to deliver private jets that combine leading technology, with manufacturing efficiency  – a winning combination.

    Thanks to Red Bull for their fantastic hospitality at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

    A memorable weekend surrounded by Formula 1 cars and Embraer’s aircraft certainly gave me the wings to fly through to the start of 2012!