First delivery of the supersize BBJ Max

The Boeing Business Jet – known as the BBJ for short – is well-known as one of the world’s most impressive private jet charter aircraft, popular with heads of state and ultra high net worths. A private jet version of a Boeing 737 airliner frame, it provides a highly-spacious, multi-zone cabin, and a flight range that connects key intercontinental city pairs.

In 2014 Boeing announced its BBJ Max program – a new era of longer-range BBJs, based on the new 737 Max airliner. And at industry gathering NBAA last month, the manufacturing giant delivery announced it had now made the first delivery of a BBJ Max to a customer.

BBJ Max 8

The BBJ Max 8 is the first BBJ Max variant to enter service. Image: Boeing Business Jets

The BBJ Max has three variants – the Max 7, Max 8 and Max 9, each offering a different combination of range and capacity.

This first delivery is a BBJ Max 8 – capable of flying 6,640 nautical miles (12,197 km) with 8 passengers. The BBJ Max 7 will have the furthest flight range of 7,000 nm, with the Max 9 offering slightly less flight range (6,515 nm) but the biggest cabin and cargo capacity of the three.

BBJ Max dining space

The BBJ Max has a spacious customisable interior.

Despite being larger and more capable than the current BBJ, the new Max BBJ range will have lower operating costs. The BBJ Max 8 has 13% lower fuel burn and lower emissions, thanks to its CFM LEAP-1B engines and advanced winglets.

To mark the first delivery, at NBAA the company unveiled its new cabin concept interior for the BBJ Max by award-winning aviation design firm SkyStyle. The ‘spaceship sleek’ Genesis design draws inspiration from nature and the skies, including starlight detailing on the cabin ceiling.

BBJ Max interior

The Genesis interior concept is inspired by space and nature.

Boeing says it has 20 further BBJ Max aircraft on order, predominately the Max 8 variant which has a purchase price of $74 million. This is for a green aircraft, which means before paint or interior. Typical finishing costs will add a further $25 to $40 million, depending on the options chosen.

The BBJ Max is not yet available for charter, but there are many other BBJs and other VIP airliners in our network. Contact us or call our Flight Team experts on +44 (0)20 7100 6960 for advice and pricing.