May 13, 2021

Green list private flights from the UK

With news last week that UK travellers can now travel for non-essential reasons from May 17th, we’ve seen a surge of interest for private flights to green destinations, and an increase in demand in general. In fact there’s been a clear step up in travel confidence from clients based in many parts of Europe over the past few days.

The initial UK green list of destinations – those which will not require UK travellers to quarantine on return – include Portugal, Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel, and Singapore.

All other destinations are designated amber (requiring quarantine at home on return) or red (requiring hotel quarantine on return).

Portugal is the most popular destination of those on the green list with our UK clients, many of whom own second homes there. Enquiries are 161% up on last week’s levels, with many new and existing clients confirming travel plans – including flights to Faro, Lisbon and Madeira.

We’re also seeing more demand than usual for flights to Tel Aviv, Gibraltar, and also to destinations that are currently on the amber list – amongst those who are happy to accept the home quarantine requirement.

This rising travel confidence is also apparent amongst our sister company Flexjet’s owners and programme members, with increased bookings immediately after the announcement was made.

There is clearly a significant pent-up demand to get away, with clients eager to confirm plans both for the next few weeks, and for the months ahead. As travel restrictions continue to lift this summer, demand for private jets in Europe is set to be extremely high at peak times – a trend that is already clear in the US.

Commercial airline schedules will remain thinner for some time yet and, with some travellers still anxious to avoid crowded airports and shared cabins, private aviation is well-placed to fill that gap this summer.

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