Gulfstream G650 now available to charter in Europe

Gulfstream’s G650 is still the aircraft that’s attracting the spotlight in our industry.

Since it was launched last year, the G6 (as it’s known for short) has generated a huge amount of attention. It’s not hard to see why. Last month the aircraft broke both records for both speed and range (see previous post Gulfstream test G650 to its limits). It can fly 7,000 nm nonstop at speeds of up to Mach 0.925. The high-tech luxury interior includes a full bar and kitchen and accommodates up to 18 passengers.

Gulfstream G650

Even for those able to stretch to the asking price of $65 million, the G6 cannot be bought anytime soon. Only around forty G650s – the world’s fastest and longest-range business jet – have been delivered since its launch last year. Another 160+ buyers are waiting in line, some of whom will need to wait three or four years before stepping onboard.

But of course most private jet users don’t opt to buy their own aircraft. Even many of those who could afford to, choose to charter instead. See what’s the best way to travel by private jet?

Gulfstream G650 interior

A G650 aircraft is now available to charter in Europe for the first time. It is available from an operator in our network, based in Switzerland. There are just a further four charter aircraft based elsewhere in the world, including film director Peter Jackson’s – which is also available to hire – based in Wellington, New Zealand.

New aircraft types typically become available on the charter market a few months after they first become available for private ownership. To be able to be used as a charter aircraft to carry paying passengers, the owner or management company must register the aircraft for an AOC (Aircraft Operator’s Certificate). This is granted after the aircraft meets strict safety and quality standards set by aviation authorities. Once an aircraft has been successfully placed on an AOC it can be chartered through companies like PrivateFly to create an income stream for the owner.

This G650 aircraft will attract a premium in the European charter market at first, with a price of EUR 120,000 for London to Dubai, on a two-day return flight. This compares to a cost of around EUR 87,000 for other aircraft in the same category, such as Gulfstream’s predecessor the G550, or rival manufacturer Bombardier’s Global Express.

Gulfstream G650 interior

It will be very interesting to see how much demand there is. The G6 will continue to attract a premium for charter while its availability is so limited, but there will be those who are prepared to pay this, to experience a flight in this much-coveted aircraft. But the vast majority of private jet charter customers will take a more practical view of things.

Most private jet charter customers come to our Flight Team with a defined flight schedule but not a specific aircraft in mind. The PrivateFly Flight Team will summarise and suggest the best aircraft in terms of value, availability and suitability for their journey.

The G650 – or indeed any of its long range rivals – isn’t going to be the right aircraft for most private jet journeys. A G650 can’t be beaten over longer intercontinental distances, but is unlikely to be the best option for a typical European flight or North American domestic flight.

Gulfstream G650 taking off

Where the G650 will be cost effective on shorter flights is when a customer is chartering it with a view to ordering their own. In this case, this demonstration flight (without any sales pressure) is likely to be a a very smart charter!

To find out more about chartering a G650 or for advice on which aircraft is right for your journey, contact us or call our expert team (24 hours) on +44 1747 642 777