Interior options for private jets

Ultra-luxurious private jet interiors are a source of fascination. It can feel more like stepping into an exclusive hotel suite or apartment, including master bedroom suites; multiple bathrooms with walk-in showers; and full bar and kitchen – with ovens or even a dishwasher!

Image: Jet Aviation Basel

Image: Jet Aviation Basel

VIP airliners, such as the Boeing Business Jet (a converted 747) or an Airbus ACJ, give plenty of space to play with in a highly-customised cabin. An area that can hold 600 people in airline configuration turns into something resembling an exclusive hotel suite or apartment. See more: Supersize my jet.

A Boeing 747-8 concept interior (image: Boeing)

But of course this type of unique aircraft is certainly on the very high-end scale in terms of private jet interiors. Not all private jets look quite like that!

Nevertheless private jet manufacturers give a huge amount of attention to the interior design of all sizes of private jet: From the things you notice immediately, such as seat design, soft furnishings and floor materials; to more subtle details that make a big contribution to passenger comfort, such as lighting, pressurisation, temperature controls and communications technology.

The types of fittings and fixtures can vary depending on the size and type of jet. Here’s a look at some examples of what you can expect.

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The majority of private jets do not have a king-sized bed onboard, but they do give you much more space and privacy to sleep, compared to an airline flight.

Smaller aircraft provide a cabin space with comfortable seats that recline if you need to sleep during the short flight, with adjustable headrests and armrests, and plenty of room to fully extend your legs. The Phenom 300 is notable as a small jet with seats that convert into a fully flat position.

PrivateFly Cessna Citation Mustang

The interior of a small jet, Citation Mustang. Image: Cessna

Medium jets have wide seats that recline, slide and convert to a flat position for a comfortable sleep. And many have side-facing divan seating that converts into a comfortable bed.

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

Long range jets offer enough space to convert side-facing seating into a very comfortable bed in two places in the cabin. And the other seats are fully adjustable. Some customised long-range jets are able to accommodate a separate bedroom, with a bed. And this is commonplace in VIP airliners.

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Premium catering is available on any size of aircraft and included in your charter price. However special catering requests are possible for all flights.

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Typically on small and medium jets and for shorter journeys, a variety of sandwiches and cold cuts and fruit are brought onboard. Champagne, wine and soft drinks are available, plus tea and coffee. Proper glassware, china and cutlery are provided.

Private jet catering

On bigger aircraft, there are kitchen facilities onboard, including fridges, ovens, microwaves and other facilities, allowing crew to prepare hot catering. Larger aircraft will usually include one or two cabin crew members, to prepare and serve food and drinks to the passengers.

VIP airliners can include large dining tables allowing passengers to enjoy a formal dinner or business lunch onboard.

Private jet catering is of a very high standard and can accommodate allergies and other dietary preferences. Some clients like to enjoy a celebration onboard, so birthday cakes and other special occasion meals can be arranged ahead of time for your flight.


Most private jets are equipped with at least one toilet, however bathroom facilities do vary according to the size of aircraft.

G650 interior bathroom

The bathroom of a Gulfstream G650. Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

Many small jets and small propellor aircraft have a toilet, although they are most frequently used for routes of less than 2 hours – so this isn’t always a priority for passengers. The most cost-effective of VLJs (Very Light Jets), the Citation Mustang, has an emergency use toilet, curtained from the main cabin. Others with a slightly larger cabin such as the Phenom 100, offer a small restroom, with toilet and basin.

Medium jets will have a more spacious and well-equipped restroom, with toilet and basin. The Citation XLS+ also has a dressing area so passengers on longer journeys can freshen up and change before landing. And bigger medium jets such as the Hawker 800 offer a larger vanity area, with seating and storage.

A shower on a long flight is something that many passengers enjoy. This used to be an option only on VIP converted airliners such as the Lineage 1000, but manufacturers are now finding ways to include a shower in the latest models of their ultra long range jets – which can fly passengers on journeys of up to 12 hours. Bombardier’s Global 6000 includes a stand-up shower, and the forthcoming Global 7000 and Global 8000 will offer the same.

Lineage 1000E_int_bathroom

Embraer’s Lineage 1000 offers a fully-equipped bathroom with shower. Image: Embraer

Dassault has also included a standup shower in its Falcon 7X, with rain-style showerhead and privacy glass that changes to opaque at the touch of a button. Gulfstream’s G650 includes a shower option in its bathroom, that delivers one hour’s worth of hot water with a digital panel indicating the hot water ­remaining.

And of course, the most luxurious bathrooms of all are on board the VIP converted airliners. These can include multiple bathrooms and showers, and even a steam room.

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All charter aircraft in the PrivateFly network are selected according to strict criteria for safety and comfort. And we offer a huge range of interior options, on aircraft of all sizes.

If you’re looking to fly on a jet with a certain type of bathroom or bed available, we can offer this service and provide options for different configurations. Our Flight Team can show you images of specific aircraft interiors, and advise you on the ideal aircraft for your flight.

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