21 August 2015

Private Jets meet their Superyacht match

Take 5 private jets and meet their superyacht counterparts, for the smoothest journey from sky to sea. 

Private jets and superyachts are closely aligned. Both represent the optimal way to travel, whether it’s by air or water. Each offer privacy and luxury with the flexibility to travel on your own terms.

At PrivateFly, we regularly coordinate private jet and helicopter flights to seamlessly connect with yachts all over the world.

Here, we’ve chosen five popular private jets and matched them with characteristics of some of the world’s most desirable yachts, available to charter from leading international superyacht specialists at Y.CO.

So, whatever floats your boat (or flies you high) – be it speed, space or luxury – here is your perfect jet and yacht combination.


The Jet: The Citation X

The fastest private jet in the world is Cessna’s midsize Citation X. Vying neck and neck with Gulfstream’s G650 for the fastest accolade, Cessna’s latest variant, the Citation X+, has a maximum speed of Mach 0.935 (just under the speed of sound). Powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce AE3007C2 engines, the aircraft seats 12 and has a range of 3,410 nm. Read more about Mach and the fastest private jets

Charter price: from £4 500/ €5 675 EUR per hour

The Yacht: Cheeky Tiger

The Citation X of the Yacht world is Cheeky Tiger, offering unparalled speed that is perfect for sprinting around the Mediterranean at 34 knots. At 34.1 metres, this motor yacht caters for up to 10 guests with a modern, hi-tech interior.

Charter price: from €60 000 EUR per week.


The Jet: Bombardier Global Express XRS

Flying further and faster than most long range private jets in the market, the Bombardier Global Express XRS is a popular choice for long range business or leisure travel in the world. The aircraft has a range of 6170 nautical miles, making it capable of flying from Los Angeles to London non-stop. The luxurious and spacious cabin seats up to 19 people, with configuration options to include a double bed. There is also a full galley for serving both hot and cold VIP catering. How private jet catering works.

Charter price: from £5 650/ €7 125 EUR per hour

The Yacht: Jems

Just like the Global Express, Jems offers every onboard comfort finished to the sleekest design specifications. At 44 metres and hosting 10 guests, this superyacht combines agility and style with a long range that is well suited to cruising longer distances and entire coastlines.

Charter price: from €160 000 EUR per week


The Jet: Citation XLS

The world’s bestselling private jet, Cessna’s Citation XLS is a medium jet aircraft that combines speed, range, cabin space and affordability. Seating up to 8, this aircraft has a range of 1800 nautical miles and is an extremely popular choice for trips up to 3 hours. It also has enhanced take-off and landing capabilities to access many short runways such as Cannes Mandelieu airport, Lugano airport as well as flying the steep approach into London City Airport.

Charter price: from £2 500/ €3 150 EUR per hour

The Yacht: Dyna R

Superyacht Dyna R is one of the most sought-after in the charter market at 37 metres in length, for 12 guests. Built in 2013, like the Citation XL she owes her popularity to offering the perfect combination of space, style and mid-range market and is especially popular with family groups. But there is no scrimping on luxury either, with an alfresco cinema, oversized Jacuzzi and numerous sun decks and dining areas.

Charter cost: from €115 000 EUR per week


The Jet: Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 is the jet that everyone wants to fly in, with the longest owner’s waiting list in the world. When you really need to make a glamorous entrance, the G650 will jet you there in style. Still in limited supply in the charter market, this only boosts its attraction, and it will become more widely available to charter as aircraft deliveries increase. With a top speed of 0.925 Mach, it’s also one of the fastest private jets. The distinctive oval shaped cabin is also mirrored in the sixteen large oval windows, offering an unparalled birds-eye view. How demand outstrips supply for the G650

Charter price: from £6,000/ €7 560 EUR per hour

The Yacht: Sealyon

Matching the G650 in desirability is Sealyon – a 61.8 metre Motor Yacht, with a stunning and luxurious design by Candy & Candy. Its glamorous 1930s interiors are matched with the best nautical technology. Sealyon hosts 12 guests onboard, and includes details such as a high-tech media room, 16 crew, 6 opulent staterooms, an oversized Jacuzzi and a mist generator.

Charter price: from $300,000 USD per week


The Jet: Airbus ACJ319

The Airbus ACJ319 is a VIP conversion of the Airbus A319 airliner. For those that want more space than even a Gulfstream can allow, and are travelling with a larger entourage (up to 30), the ACJ319 has the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet in the world. Combining reliability, range, speed, and vast cabin space, the ACJ319 is favoured for charter by HNWI and families travelling together, or for VIP corporate groups or music tours. Interiors vary to include a hi-tech boardroom, luxurious lounge, fine dining room, private cinema, and VIP bedroom and bathroom options. More about supersize private jets.

Charter price: from £16 000/ € 20 170 EUR per hour

The Yacht: Oasis

For those that measure luxury afloat by the square metre, Oasis (like the ACJ319) is the ultimate way to travel. One of the most coveted superyachts available for charter anywhere in the world, Oasis is nearly 60 metres in length, with a master suite measuring 99 square metres. Chartered by the world’s most discerning clientele, she has every luxury detail for 12 guests including a bar, dancefloor, Steinway baby grand piano, and an outdoor cinema.

Charter price: from $399,000 USD per week

For private jet charter pricing or advice to and from any yacht location, contact us or call the PrivateFly team on +44 (0) 1747 642 777 (24 hrs).

For yacht charter enquiries contact the team at Y.CO on + +44 (0)20 7100 6960 or visit www.y.co

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