Interviewing the High-Flyers: Gautam Lewis

In the second of our “Interviewing the High-Flyers” podcast series, I was delighted to catch-up with Gautam Lewis.

Gautam discusses his childhood and his music industry career, managing bands including Oasis and The Libertines.

He also explains his move from the music industry into aviation and overcoming the challenges involved in learning to fly with a disability.

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Gautam Lewis’s Story

Gautam’s fascinating life started in Kolkata. As a very young child he contracted polio, and was rescued from the streets and brought up in Mother Teresa’s orphanage.

Gautam was later adopted and brought to live in the UK, where he attended the prestigious Bedales Prep School (the same school that Prince Charles attended).

After leaving school Gautam worked in the music industry, managing bands including Oasis and The Libertines, before turning to a career in aviation.

After qualifying as a pilot, Gautam now works with Cranfield flying school, and has established Freedom in the Air (FITA)– a flying school charity for people with disabilities.

In this episode Gautam explains the challenges he has faced in learning to fly, the similarities between a private jet pilot and managing a music band, and his work at Cranfield Flying School and Freedom in the Air.

Your Feedback

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast and I’d love to hear your feedback on our interview with Gautam Lewis. If you have any suggestions for future topics or interviewees do get in touch.

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Posted: May 21st, 2013 by Adam Twidell

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