London reigns as Europe’s private jet capital

Our recent infographic showed that London was the busiest European city for private jet travel in 2015.

Market conditions were still challenging, but London was Europe’s private jet success story last year. With its top 5 airports seeing a slight growth of 1.5%, against an overall slight (0.6%) decline in Europe – largely driven by the continued political unrest in Russia.

The combination of London’s world-leading financial centre, growing economy, and attractions for both tourists and wealthy second-home owners, creates a strong demand for private aviation.

We looked back at business aviation movements by airport (a take-off or a landing) in 2015. And while Paris Le Bourget was the single busiest airport with almost 50,000 private flight movements, London was the only European city to feature multiple airports in the Top 20, with its top 5 airports contributing a combined total of 84,190 flights*.

Graph - Europe's busiest private jet cities

See full rundown and the infographic: Europe’s Top 20 Private Jet Airports 2015.

The most popular London airport for private jets last year was London Luton Airport (fourth overall in Europe – after Paris Le Bourget, Geneva, and Nice Cote D’Azur).

Other London area airports making it into the Top 20 are London Farnborough; London RAF Northolt; London Oxford; and London Biggin Hill. The latter two seeing significant increases in popularity in 2015, up 11% and 5% respectively from the year before.

Which London private jet airport should I choose?

But London’s private jet users have a wider choice of airports beyond these top 5, which each offer something different to the private jet customer. Below is a quick rundown of London’s airport choices. For more detailed information on each one, see our guide Inside London’s Private Jet Airports.

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The 14 private jets airports in London


London Heathrow Airport

Who flies & why? Heavily congested and not recommended unless you are transferring from an international flight in a hurry.

London Gatwick Airport

Who flies & why? Great facilities for private jets, but as with Heathrow, only a viable option for those transferring from an airline flight.

London City Airport

Who flies & why? The most central of all London’t private jet airports and very convenient for the City. But more expensive due to higher landing and repositioning charges (as no aircraft are based there).

London City Airport

London City is the capital’s most central airport.

London Southend Airport

Who flies & why? The lowest cost option, and popular for those based in up-and-coming East London and Essex.

London RAF Northolt Airport

Who flies & why? Those looking for discretion, it’s the choice of royals, dignatories and VVIPs. Very high security and fast ground transfers (just 13 miles from Central London).


London RAF Northolt offers high levels of security and privacy

London Biggin Hill Airport

Who flies & why? Growing in popularity and cost-effective. Likely to become more popular in 2016, with longer opening hours.

London Luton Airport

Who flies & why? Fast, cost-effective, handles all sizes of aircraft, and open 24-hours. London’s most popular private jet airport.

London Luton Airport

Luton is London’s busiest private jet airport

London Farnborough Airport

Who flies & why? Stunning VIP style and facilities, but at a higher landing cost. For those looking to make a big impression.

London Stansted Airport

Who flies & why? Less well-known as a private jet airport, but offers excellent 24-hour facilities, with plenty of space for large jets.

London Oxford Airport

Who flies & why? A cost-effective and fast alternative for the M40 corridor and West London.

London Cranfield Airport

Who flies & why? Very discreet, with airside access for cars. Very popular during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

London Farnborough Airport

London Farnborough is the most stylish VIP airport option

London Blackbushe Airport

Who flies & why? Small airfield handy for low-cost European flights on small jets.

London Fairoaks Airport

Who flies & why? Relatively unknown, small runway in Surrey used for small prop aircraft and helicopters.

London Stapleford Airport

Who flies & why? Another option for propellor aircraft, including 24-hour access for the popular King Air turboprop.

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*Figures compiled using data from intelligence provider