Never work with children or animals? We love to do both

flying with children on a private jetSome people are surprised when we tell them that we regularly fly young children or pets.

But in fact our smallest and furriest passengers are positively welcomed and well-catered for on private jets – along with their carers and owners.

When it comes down to it, private aviation is all about the individual – a bespoke mode of travel, designed to fit around the customer.

And many customers want to travel with their families and with their pets.

At this time of year in Europe, we see a particular increase in demand for family and pet flights, during the peak season for luxury leisure travel. Some families travel for one longer holiday together, but increasingly we see a demand for more complex itineraries.

Such as those who spend all summer at their holiday destination or second home, who may all travel out together, with the pets. Then one adult may need to fly back to the city, a few times over the summer.

Private jet travel can make travelling with children and pets very relaxing and easy. And our flight team really enjoy arranging these types of flights and taking care of all the details.

For those travelling with children and animals, the little things can really make all the difference.

children flying on a private jetPrivate jet travel with children

Safety and comfort are always a priority, but never more so that when it comes to flights with children.

At PrivateFly we only work with accredited aircraft for every flight, whose operators adhere to our strict safety policy. And with plenty of space to move around and fully reclining seats – and beds on some longer range aircraft – there is plenty of space to relax and sleep for everyone in the family.

We fly children of all ages and know that details such as specific catering to please fussy eaters, or a flight schedule designed to fit around nap times or to avoid missed sleep, can mean that the journey holiday starts the moment you board the aircraft.

We can also arrange to have toys, books and games onboard – in addition to the latest movies and games technology.

And as a private jet pilot myself, I’ve seen how many children enjoy meeting the crew personally and seeing the flight deck firsthand.

This can make them feel very welcome and relaxed and not something they can experience on an airline flight.

At many airports, your car can drop you off and meet you from the aircraft steps which can also be very helpful for those travelling with lots of luggage or buggies.

For more information, see our FAQs for travelling by private jet with babies and young children

flying with pets on a private jetPrivate jet travel with pets

Some pet owners choose to travel instead by private aircraft, so that their pet(s) can travel with them in the cabin.

The separation on airline flights, when animals must travel in the hold, can be a distressing experience.

We have seen many times, how the trauma of a flight can be lessened by the reassurance of the pet’s owner. This can make the experience of air travel a much more positive one for everyone.

Different countries have varying rules when it comes to animals, with some airports have specific handling facilities for flights with pets.

Our flight team can advise on all of this and arrange the paperwork, providing the pet’s documentation is all in place.

And as with flying with children, it’s the little comforts that can make the flight more enjoyable. So we often arrange specific food, treats, or beds and blankets to be onboard.

For more information, see our guide to pet travel by private jet