Our Top 10 private jet routes & prices

There are around 50,000 airports in the world, of all shapes and sizes. And private jets can use a huge proportion of them – 10 times more than airline flights. One of the major advantages of flying by private jet is that you can define your own direct route, and reach some remote and unusual locations if you need to.

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But some routes are far more frequently flown by private jets than others – particularly those between key business locations, by those looking to minimise their travel time. Private jet charter is ultimately about efficiency and flexibility.

Here are our Top 10 most popular route pairings at PrivateFly. Our Top 5 private jet routes within Europe, and our Top 5 in the United States.


1) Paris Le Bourget & Geneva

Why it’s popular: The pairing of Paris Le Bourget and Geneva is consistently the most popular private jet route in Europe – and our flights at PrivateFly are no exception. The route between the two financial hubs is consistently in demand with our private jet charter clients. Primarily those travelling on business but also for ski flights and private leisure use.

Paris Le BourgetIt’s just a short flight of just under an hour, so for a client travelling alone or in a small group, a Citation Mustang is a cost-effective and efficient aircraft choice. Many clients will fly there and back the same day.

Route: Paris to Geneva (day return)

Aircraft: Citation Mustang (4 seats)

Flight time: 55 minutes

Price: €4 165

2) Geneva & Nice Cote D’Azur

Why it’s popular: After Paris Le Bourget and Geneva, Nice Cote D’Azur is at no.3 in the busiest private jet airports in Europe and the route between Geneva and Nice is always very popular with our clients. Those based in Geneva or who are there for business fly by private jet to the Cote D’Azur to second homes, for holidays, weekends away and for events such as the Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix.

Nice Cote D'AzurIt’s only a short flight, but clients on this route will often choose a medium-sized aircraft such as a Citation XLS+, especially if they are travelling in a family group.

Route: Geneva to Nice Cote D’Azur (2-night return)

Aircraft: Citation XLS+ (8 seats)

Flight time: 38 minutes

Price: €11 700

3) London Luton & Paris Le Bourget

Why it’s popular: London Luton to Paris Le Bourget is another frequently flown, short European route for our clients. While the Eurostar offers a direct train link, private aviation holds major appeal amongst business people, looking to travel between Europe’s two key capital cities in the shortest possible time and on the most flexible itinerary. Last minute, same day flights in small jets are particularly popular on this route.

London Luton airportLondon offers a big choice of private jet airports across the capital, so many clients will choose the one that best fits their location. But London Luton Airport’s 24-hour access for private jets, good road and rail links and ability to handle aircraft of all sizes makes it the UK’s most popular private jet airport.

Route: London Luton to Paris Le Bourget (day return)

Aircraft: Citation Mustang (4 seats)

Flight time: 52 minutes

Price: £3 558

4) Moscow Vnukovo & Nice Cote D’Azur

Why it’s popular: Routes in and out of Moscow remain popular with our clients, despite private jet flight movements seeing a decline at Russian airports over the past year. The route between Moscow’s exclusive private jet airport, Vnukovo and Nice Cote D’Azur is a key itinerary that peaks in the summer months, but sees some demand all year round from Russian real estate owners – for whom the South of France is a popular location.

Bombardier-Global-6000Larger, long range jets are popular with many Russian clients, who enjoy the additional cabin size regardless of flight time. The runway at Nice Cote D’Azur is longer than that of others in the South of France, so it can accommodate aircraft of all sizes.

Route: Moscow Vnukovo to Nice Cote D’Azur (2-night return)

Aircraft: Global Express XRS/Global 6000 (14 seats)

Flight time: 2 hours 55 minutes

Price: €52 025

5) Milan Linate & Rome Ciampino

Why it’s popular: The Italian domestic route between the fashion capital of Milan and the official capital of Rome is a popular private jet route with PrivateFly clients. Both cities are important destinations for both business and luxury leisure clients, and we see demand year-round.

Milan and Rome mapAgain it’s a short flight of under an hour, and often used by those travelling to meetings who want to return the same day, and minimise their travel time.

Route: Milan Linate to Rome Ciampino (day return)

Aircraft: Citation XLS (8 seats)

Flight time: 52 minutes

Price: €10 600



1) Van Nuys Los Angeles & Las Vegas McCarran

Why it’s popular: Our most flown route in the US is between the major cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This is primarily flown by clients travelling for business who choose business aviation, to give them more flexibility and a more time-efficient way of travelling, than the airline schedules that operate between the two locations. Both cities are key US hubs for business conventions and VIP leisure travel.

Las VegasThe flight time between LA and Las Vegas is short, and business clients will typically choose a small or medium jet, and return the same day or the following morning.

Route: LA Van Nuys to Las Vegas McCarran (overnight return)

Aircraft: Learjet 31 (7 seats)

Flight time: 45 minutes

Price: $5 900

2) Washington Dulles Int’l & New York Teterboro

Why it’s popular: Over on the Eastern side of the US, we see a lot of demand for private jet flights between the political centre of Washington and New York. New York Teterboro is one of the world’s biggest and busiest private jet airports, with 23 hangars and serves as a base for all kinds of business jets.

Teterboro airportWhile the flight time is very short, we find clients who fly on this route often choose medium to large jets.

Route: Washington Dulles Int’l to New York Teterboro (overnight return)

Aircraft: Hawker 800 (8 seats)

Flight time: 45 minutes

Price: $8 600

3) New York Teterboro & Boston Logan

Why it’s popular: Another popular route with our clients in the US also links two cities on the East coast. Private jet charter flights between New York and Boston are popular year-round, with both cities being top US business and leisure destinations.

King Air interiorOnce again, it’s a short flight and well-served by airline schedules, but still popular with business aviation clients due to the time-saving and flexibility offered, especially for short notice and flights returning the same day. So small jets or turbprop aircraft – which can offer a very cost-effective price compared to jet aircraft – are popular choices on this route.

Route: New York Teterboro to Boston Logan (day return)

Aircraft: Beechcraft King Air (8 seats)

Flight time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Price: $4 400

4) New York Teterboro & Miami Opa Locka

Why it’s popular: Routes in and out of New York are very popular with our US clients and another frequently flown destination from Teterboro is Miami’s dedicated business aviation airport, Opa Locka Executive, well-located for downtown Miami.

Aerial view of Downtown MiamiThe route sees high levels of business travel demand from those attending Florida’s high profile business conventions and for meetings with corporations its major commercial centre. Miami is also a key hub for VIP leisure travellers, including those connecting with flights to the the Caribbean islands.

Route: New York Teterboro to Miami Opa Locka Executive (2-night return)

Aircraft: Citation XL (8 seats)

Flight time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Price: $20 300

5) LA Van Nuys to San Francisco International

Why it’s popular: Back over on the West Coast, we see demand from clients looking to fly by private jet between the two Californian cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Clients based in LA will often visit San Francisco for a round of meetings, a conference, or to visit suppliers or their other business locations in the Bay area. It’s also popular for luxury weekend breaks.

Los-Angeles-Van-Nuys-AirportAgain this is a short flight and the levels of demand demonstrate clients’ use of private jets primarily as a business tool. We find that aircraft are most often chartered for a same day return or overnight on this route, so that busy executives can fly in and out again at times to suit them, without spending any more time away than necessary.

Route: LA Van Nuys to San Francisco International (day return)

Aircraft: Citation Mustang (4 seats)

Flight time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Price: $5 250

Whether it’s on a popular route, or somewhere more unusual, our Flight Team can give personalised pricing or advice for your next flight. Contact us or call +44 1747 642 777.