Short but sweet: 4 flights & prices we booked this week

At PrivateFly, this week, speed was particularly of the essence.

Every week we arrange private jet charters all over the world, varying from short hops to long distance, multi-leg itineraries.

Each flight is unique and bespoke, but we were interested to note a strong trend this week for short and speedy flights.

How much it costs to fly by private jet from A to B depends on several factors including the route and the aircraft type (watch more on this subject in our video “How much does it cost to fly by private jet?”).

But a key factor in the cost of any private jet flight is the length of the flight. Here are the stories behind four short hops we arranged around the world this week, and how much they cost.


This route between Los Angeles and San Francisco is one of the most popular private jet routes for our North American clients. This short flight quickly connects passengers between the two major cities in California, frequently used by both business and leisure travelers alike.

This time we helped a time-poor business executive make two meetings in one day, in both cities. He had to attend a quick meeting in San Francisco earlier during the day, and be back in Los Angeles for a late dinner appointment that same night. This kind of situation is where private jet charter really pays of – maximising time with a personalised schedule that also avoids the check-in and security delays that can be incurred with a scheduled airline flight.

How much does it cost by private jet?


During the summer, Ibiza and Nice are two of the most popular private jet destinations in Europe. Whether for business, leisure or a combination of the two, both of these destinations are private jet favourites all summer long – whether for a weekend break or a month long stay.

This specific flight was for a group of four passengers who couldn’t decide between the two summer hotspots – so they decided to visit both with a relatively short hop between them. After a week stay in Ibiza, the group chartered a private jet to Nice for another week-long trip on the south of France. But they also needed to make sure the jet had enough room for them, and their entire luggage, so they upgraded to a medium-size jet for the quick trip.

How much does it cost by private jet?


Florida has been a busy private aviation destination recently, and our US flight team are helping to arrange lots of flights to and from the Sunshine State. Last week, we helped a group of business executives plan a schedule from Orlando to Miami to attend a week-long conference for their company.

However, while the group was flying by private jet to maximise their time away, they also wanted to make sure they used the most budget-friendly option for a private flight.

Using PrivateFly’s platform to compare their options and taking advice from the team, the group chose to fly in a smart King Air to make their budget work as hard as possible for this important trip.

How much does it cost by private jet?


Lastly, we helped arrange a special hen weekend from London to Paris for a group of six friends. This particular route is one of the most popular city pairs for private jet flights in Europe, with lots of aircraft options and availability back and forward between the two destinations.

The girls were able to fly out of the airport closest to them, get the hen party started on the flight itself, and then land as close as possible to the centre of Paris – so they wasted no time enjoying their weekend. They were whisked right back to London on Sunday evening, finishing the weekend in VIP style. (see more: 5 ways to put the wow in wedding by private jet)

How much does it cost by private jet?

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