18 August 2021

The PrivateFly Aviator Membership: A smarter way to charter

We are delighted to now offer clients a new way to access our premium private jet charter solutions. The PrivateFly Aviator Membership brings together all the flexibility of charter, with the enhanced service and benefits only available via a premium private aviation programme.

The Aviator is a new membership solution that is ideal for clients with varied flying requirements. The best aircraft is chosen for each trip, sourced from a select network of accredited, global suppliers from the private charter market - whether for a short hop on a light jet, or a long-haul trip across continents.

In this era of post-pandemic travel, we're seeing a period of sustained demand for our premium private jet charter services, particularly from frequent private jet users. 

Our flight bookings year-to-date are now ahead of pre-pandemic levels and more of them are for clients that keep coming back to us: In July 86% were from existing clients (versus a pre-pandemic average of 64%) and these frequent fliers are seeking a greater level of consistency and service.

We already provide exceptional service to established, high-frequency private aviation users via our PrivateFly Jet Card - which has proved highly successful since we launched it last year, offering fixed hourly rates to those clients who regularly use the same category of aircraft, on flights within Europe or within the U.S. We also work closely with our sister company Flexjet, who provide shared ownership options on their prestigious and exclusive fleet.  

The Aviator Membership shares some of the service aspects of these elevated programmes (including enhanced cancellation terms and seamless booking), but with the flexibility to access a variety of different aircraft types from the market; or to fly on more varied routes - including outside of Europe or the U.S.

As travel starts to increase further - including for business - thinner airline offerings will struggle to meet the needs of busy, high-profile travellers who fly often, and on very tight schedules.   

There are also many who will prefer to minimise their exposure to crowds and touchpoints on an ongoing basis. The pandemic has led to a reappraisal of private aviation for many frequent travellers in Europe, and its benefit have never been clearer.

Find out more about Aviator Membership or talk to our expert team on +44 (0)20 7100 6960 to discuss your travel requirements and our premium solutions.

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