The record-breaking Citation X+ now available for charter

Cessna’s Citation X caused great excitement when it entered service in 1996. The midsize jet was capable of unsurpassed speeds – up to Mach 0.92 – which meant it could cover coast-to-coast US in a shorter time than ever before. And all at a price point that was competitive with its slower rivals. Now its even faster successor has entered the charter market.

Cessna Citation X+

Cessna's Citation X+ is now available to charter for the first time. Image: Cessna Aircraft Company.

The original Citation X was a big hit immediately, winning the prestigious Collier Trophy for its clean sheet design. It is notable for its swept wings which, combined with low drag and powerful Rolls Royce engines, give it its extraordinary speed.

Not since Concorde’s demise had a civilian aircraft been capable of such speeds and for many years the Citation X held the crown of the world’s fastest business jet.

Citation X+ winglet

The X+ design includes winglets for enhanced landing performance. Image: Cessna Aircraft Company.

Then came along the Gulfstream G650. The long range jet entered the market in 2012, offering a slightly faster maximum speed of Mach 0.925 than the Citation X (the two aircraft are not competitors in other ways – the G650 is a much more expensive, longer range jet which can fly more than twice as far).

Some of the Citation X’s city pair records were broken and it lost a lot of headlines to Gulfstream’s new speedy jet on the block.

Gulfstream G650

The original Citation X was beaten by the Gulfstream G650. Image: Gulfstream.

But Cessna were already working on the new and improved Citation X+. The X+ offers a cabin that is 38cm longer and 2cm higher than its predecessor. It also offers a 1.7m greater wingspan; new winglets to increase fuel efficiency and landing performance; and a greater range of 3,430 nm.

But most importantly it is faster. A maximum speed of Mach 0.935. So very slightly faster again than the G650. It reclaimed the fastest business jet crown and still holds it today, (rather than the ‘fastest and furthest’ claim of the G650).

Customer deliveries of the Citation X+ began in late 2014 and it’s exciting to have it now available for charter for the first time, via one of our US-based aircraft operators. We’ll be keeping a close eye on its early demand and watching how many other aircraft follow it onto the charter market.

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