Top 5 private jet charter aircraft 2014 – USA vs Europe

PrivateFly is a global network of over 7,000 aircraft that you can charter, around the world. Part of the attraction of private jet charter is that you can choose from a large variety of aircraft types to best suit your travel plans. But there are some key aircraft favourites that are chosen for charter, again and again.

The most high-performing aircraft types this year differ when you compare Europe to the USA and Canada (See our infographic for more comparisons between the private jet market in USA versus Europe). Below are the five busiest charter aircraft types in each region, and why PrivateFly customers are choosing these aircraft types in today’s market.

1 Citation XL/XLS (35,325*)
King Air 200 (61,376*)
2 Hawker 700-900 (19,427*)
King Air 90 (41,668*)
3 Falcon 2000 (14,750*)
Hawker 700-900 (39,798*)
4 Citation Mustang (14,080*)
Beechjet 400 (35,960*)
5 Citation CJ2 (13,788*)
Pilatus PC12 (30,833*)

*Jan-Sept 2014, YTD flight departures>


Citation XLSo far this year, the medium jet has taken the biggest share of Europe’s private jet charter movements. It’s the biggest selling private jet in the world – on both sides of the Atlantic. Based on its range, cabin space, availability and price, it’s the private jet of choice in Europe. But so far in the USA, it’s sitting outside the top 5.


King AirThe King Air is the world’s best-selling turbo-prop, and a smart and cost effective rival to light and mid jets. It’s a popular private jet charter choice for both business and leisure, especially for shorter runways and remote areas. The King Air family currently hold the first and second charter rankings in USA market, with the 200 and 90 models performing over 100,000 flight departures between them.

HAWKER 700-900

HawkerHolding second place in Europe and third place in the USA, the Hawker 700-900 series are a group of very versatile and stylish aircraft that are always very popular for air charter flights across the globe. In general, the Hawker offers excellent flight range for a medium jet, and noted for its wider cabin, seating up to 11 people in the 900 XP model.


Falcon JetDassault Aviation’s Falcon 2000 series is a high-performing aircraft, holding its own at number three in Europe’s private jet charter ranking. Unsurprisingly, the Falcon family are more popular and widely available in Europe compared to the USA, and especially within the French market.


Mustang jetIn Europe, the Mustang is the most popular VLJ (Very Light Jet) and the 4th most popular charter aircraft this year. Within the recession, the agile Mustang has taken advantage of the market conditions, appealing to entry-point private jet charter customers and those with increased price-sensitivity. In the USA market, the Mustang is still very popular for charter, but sits outside the top 5 (so far).


Beechjet 400The Beechjet 400 is a popular 6-8 seater aircraft in the private jet charter market, notably in the USA. Manufactured by Beechcraft, it was later developed into the Hawker 400XP. The Beechjet 400 has wide charter availability and is a cost effective choice in its class, reflecting it’s 4th place position in the USA so far this year.


CJ2The CJ2’s position in the top 5 this year  in Europe (along with the XL and the Mustang) shows that Cessna are the most popular and trusted charter manufacturer. A stretched version of the CJ1, the CJ2 is less popular in the USA where other aircraft have more charter availability and share.


PC12One the most widely used aircraft in USA for private jet charter this year, the PC-12 is not currently available to charter in Europe. Manufactured in Switzerland, the turbo-prop has only one engine, and is not currently available in Europe as it is not certified for commercial use. Highly-economical and versatile for short runways and grass strips, the PC-12 is a popular charter choice for our USA customers.


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