United Airlines Passengers Offered Free Flights

Scheduled carrier United Airlines was unknowingly offering air passengers free flights last week. Flights priced at $0.00 were loaded accidentally on to its flight systems and were then made available to customers on its website.

Airport charges were added on top, but even so, some passengers were able to buy tickets for just $5 or $10. The word spread on social media until United recognised the error, with their website going down while they fixed the prices.

Great at this was for the customers concerned (although it’s not yet clear if United will honour the prices), this type of story is enough to send a shiver down the spine of any technology company.

Empty jetWhile PrivateFly hasn’t offered any private jets at $0.00, we do offer some prices that might cause a double take.

Empty legs or empty sectors are the unsold portion of one-way private jet flights.

The aircraft needs to be moved to its next position anyway, so the operator is often prepared to offer huge discounts.

Prices can be up to 75% less than the full charter rate.

This does result in some amazing prices. Last week we were offering a flight from Cambridge to Palma in a 7-seater Citation Bravo for £2,750. This would usually be priced at £11,900.

download the PrivateFly appEmpty legs are also available globally and are often (but not always) offered at short notice.

So if you are prepared to be flexible and combine with airline flights, they can allow the experience of private aviation at close to airline prices.

And of course, the cost is for the aircraft regardless of how many passengers are on-board.

Often we will have passengers added onto the flight manifest at the last minute (in fact our customers can do this themselves through the PrivateFly app). Those extra passengers will normally fly for free!

Download the PrivateFly app to keep in touch with latest empty leg offers or to add extra passengers to booked flights.