5 Reasons We Love Banyan FBO at FXE

Banyan Air Service, a FBO at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, is consistently ranked one of the most popular facilities in America. It’s also one of our own Sales Managers’s favorite FBO in the world.

There are plenty of options when flying by private jet into South Florida, so what makes Banyan so special? We dive in.

Banyan Exterior 1_600x400

1. It has been voted the #1 FBO in the Southeast for 10 consecutive years…

The experts have spoken – it’s consistently ranked highly by the Pilots Choice Awards, Pro Pilot Magazine, and Aviation International News.

Many of these awards are decided by popular vote by pilots & crew – the people that interact with the facility the most. Factors such as speed of communication, design & style, accessibility, and on-site dining options add into the final rankings.

2. Manufacturers love Banyan too

It is HondaJet and the Quest Kodiak’s #1 FBO – both have given Banyan demo models for showing off!

Banyan Exterior Collage_600x400

3. It is fully equipped

Banyan Air Service features a MX facility and a top of the range pilot shop, adding to the list of reasons why both passengers and crew enjoy landing there.

4. Jet Runway Cafe – enough said!

“Who doesn’t love a good airport lunch? It has the Jet Runway Cafe… the best in its class, in my opinion!” – Jordan, Sales Manager

Banyan Lobby 1_600x400

And finally…

5. Personal Attachment

“It is where I fell in love with the industry and had my first job!” – Jordan

Jordan in Banyan Cockpit_600x400

Jordan checking out the view from the cockpit inside a Banyan Air Service hangar

South Florida is a huge hub for business aviation in the American market, and Banyan stands as a symbol of excellence among the FBO’s available.

To fly into FXE and Banyan specifically, contact us online or call us at (866) 726-1222.