5 Flying Tips for Popular Events

Want to catch the most popular events of the season in style? Private jet charter is the quickest and most efficient way to reach your destination, but as popular events draw more people, so private jet slots also fill up quickly.

Whether you’re jetting off to the Masters, Coachella, or a film festival, it’s best to book your charter early so we can get you there safely and on time.

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We consulted the flight team for tips on how to make sure your spot is secured this season – no matter the tournament, festival or gala you’re headed to.

1) Early Bird Gets the Private Jet Slot

We can’t emphasize this enough – call early! Though we can usually accommodate last minute requests, for big-ticket events booking early can help ensure you get the aircraft and time slot you want.

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Smaller airports can get you closer to your event, but they also have limited slots for private jets. We recommend booking your trip at least 3 weeks in advance, if not sooner.

2) Be Specific

Tell your adviser about luggage, number of passengers, and any special items – we can be flexible, but last minute changes that result in a change in aircraft will harm your chances of getting your ideal private jet at your ideal departure time.

Also be wary of luggage weight – although adding an extra bag or item may not be a big deal on a commercial flight, it could significantly affect your private jet flight. Sometimes too many added bags can equal extra passengers, thus affecting the size of the aircraft needed to complete your trip.

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Just let your flight advisor know in advance so they can be sure to find you the perfect aircraft to accommodate your every need.

3) Request Your Amenities Early Too

If private jet slots are filling up, so catering companies are also busy. Requesting what you’ll want in-flight early will ensure the flight team is able to arrange everything you want to make your journey extra special.

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Definitely feel free to request special orders or your favorite champagne, just make sure you do it with enough time to ensure we can accommodate it.

4) Consider Ground Transportation

For big ticket events like Coachella or the Super Bowl, traffic jams are expected. Your Uber might take a while to reach you – consider booking a car transfer ahead of time to avoid that stress (and we can help with that!).

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Even though private jet terminals usually get you closer to the event than commercial airports, you can still expect some ground congestion.

5) Have Fun (But Not Too Much Fun!)

We try to make every flight the start of the party for your special occasion, but please be respectful of the crew and aircraft. The flight will go much smoother if you’re relaxed and prepared.
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Most importantly – have fun!

To book a private jet for your next big event, contact PrivateFly at (866) 726-1222 or contact us online.

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