7 Most Popular Private Jet Food Requests

For those who have never flown private, imagining what it’s like on board the cabin can be entertaining. Images of champagne and caviar on a silver platter might come to mind – but is that what it’s actually like?

The truth is when flying by private jet, you have endless options for what you can choose to eat. Requests can vary as much as the itinerary of the flight, and you can get pretty much anything your heart (or taste buds) desire.

While some customers request extravagant and complex menus, most private jet passengers choose simpler dishes – both options will be of high quality, regardless.

So what exactly do most private jet customers request for food on board? We take a look:


Private Jet Catering Popular Choice Meat Platter

A platter of cheese and cured meats is often served on a small jet or short flight. This is typically served with fresh bread and sometimes with other cold antipasti or salad dishes.


Private Jet Catering Popular Choice Sushi

A platter of freshly-prepared sushi is a very popular choice with clients from all over the world. While sushi can be provided by our preferred caterers, many clients have a favorite sushi restaurant where we can also source their favorite dishes from.


Private Jet Catering Popular Option Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a popular choice, as it works for any time of day. Whether for breakfast with scrambled eggs, with bread and salads for lunch, or served as a starter on a longer flight – it’s quite the versatile bite.


Private Jet Charter Popular Catering Option Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a very popular choice on medium range flights as a lunch option, often served with salad. Roast chicken or a stuffed breast of chicken is also popular as a hot dining option on longer flights.


Private Jet Charter Popular Catering Option Pizza

Perhaps surprisingly, many of our customer request pizza to eat during the flight. Sometimes this will be freshly prepared by the caterer, or if the customer has a specific favorite pizza restaurant, we’ll arrange a delivery to the aircraft.


Private Jet Charter Popular Catering Option Croissants

Breakfast is often served outbound on a day return business aviation flight. Warm croissants are our most requested breakfast item, sometimes served alone, but more often as part of a continental selection alongside other pastries and fruit.


Champagne 600x350

At least one of the stereotypes is true! Champagne is the most-requested drink for private jet flights. Though bottled water, soda, juices are standard on most flights, champagne is always a favorite.


Private Jet Charter Popular Catering Option Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a popular choice for flights at any time of day. This is usually served as a beautifully-arranged plate, with a selection of fruits such as mixed berries, pineapple, melon, kiwi, or mango. But we’ll often adapt this to the client’s preferences or to avoid allergies.

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