A Guide To The Caribbean: An Update

After the 2017 series of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes that swept through the Caribbean, the 32 countries of the region saw differing levels of damage or no damage at all. We take a look at which islands are fully operational, along with some statistics that reflect the strength of the peak season (October through April).

If you’re looking to chase the sun, regardless of the time of year, take a peek at these slices of paradise:

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Often the poster child for Hurricane Maria’s wrath, Puerto Rico is now almost completely operational for tourists. It saw an increased rate of air travel in recent months to its 3 main airports: Luis Muñoz Marín International AirportRafael Hernández Airport and Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport all saw a strong season of arrivals and departures, totaling 1,787 flights between November 2017 and February 2018.


The Dominican Republic got through the 2017 hurricane season relatively unscathed. All luxury resorts are fully operational.


St Barts, a popular vacation destination and yacht port, saw its fair share of damage. However, St Bart’s Gustav III Airport is operational and the main ferries between islands are also running.

The beaches are cleared and open, and complete wifi, electricity, and clean water have been restored. All hotels and resorts have also been reopened.


Nicknamed the “Helen of the West”, St Lucia’s palm-fringed beaches and magical Piton Mountains has been especially popular lately with travelers. And since it was located outside of the hurricane zone in 2017, it also emerged from the storms largely untouched.

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One of the most popular destinations for private jet customers, many will be happy to hear that the Bahamas suffered little damage this year, meaning it is up and running per usual and accepting visitors.

Fly into Nassau via Lynden Pindling Airport or if coming from South Florida, the smaller islands are accessible by seaplane.


Dubbed the “Spice of the Caribbean”, Grenada is open to tourists. Fly in to Maurice Bishop International Airport and try a spicy dish!


Princess Juliana Airport reopened for service in October 2017 and is currently operational. Electricity, clean water, and wifi are also restored on the island. Most hotels and resorts are operational as well.


If you’re looking for an escape from your daily stress, there’s nowhere better to head to than Jamaica. Largely unaffected by the storms, Jamaica would provide the soothing vacation you’re looking for. All 6 of the island’s airports are operational.

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The beautiful small islands of St Kitts and Nevis escaped this year’s hurricane path and is open for business as usual. Head here to enjoy their well-known beaches and cloud-shrouded mountains.


The Caribbean was able to assess its damages and work tirelessly to reopen in time for the tourist season. To see the most popular private jet airports in the Caribbean, we put together a quick infographic:

Caribbean Infographic 400x500

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