Ask the Pilot: What Makes the Global Express So Popular?

Matt with Lancaster Pilot Ernie for his Leaving the Royal Air Force flight in the Lancaster

Bombardier’s Global Express is a favorite private jet choice for those looking to fly in luxury. With luxurious, leather interiors and Rolls-Royce engines, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular jets with both business leaders and celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, Celine Dion and Steven Spielberg are all Global Express owners).

But it’s not just passengers who love this private jet – it’s the pilots who fly them too! To better understand why the Global Express is such a popular choice among private jet customers, we sat down with Matt Cockram, a pilot who has been flying the Bombardier Global Express since 2008.

Matt, who wanted to be a pilot since he was 15, joined the RAF straight from school in 1996. After flying the RAF Sentinel, a heavily modified Bombardier Global Express, between 2006 and 2008, Matt was able to go straight into corporate aviation flying with the Global Express after leaving the RAF.

“The Global Express is a fabulous aircraft to travel in,” says Matt. “I have traveled on it once as a passenger and wish I had the money to do it more often!”

Bombardier's Global 6000

Categorized as an ultra-long range business jet, the Global Express comes in many variants, with the Global 5000 and 6000 being the most popular. Here’s a detailed look into both aircraft, along with comments from Matt:

Global 5000

The Global Express was the pioneer of large cabin long range jets when it was first launched in 1993. At the time, no other private jet had a cabin that was nearly as large, or could make such long-range direct flights. Offering comfort, speed, and range – the Global 5000 is able to fly from New York to Tokyo without a fuel stop.

Designed to surpass those in its class, the Global 5000 has superior cabin spaciousness, technologies and aesthetics. Providing high-comfort living and working areas, passengers love how quiet and relaxed the atmosphere is.

“The cabin is spacious,” Matt confirms, “with all the facilities you need to eat a full meal, relax, read, watch films or sleep on the full size beds. Plus it’s very quiet and the cabin is tall so you never feel cramped or confined.”

The cabin can be configured to hold between thirteen to nineteen passengers, and can be divided into three areas for increased privacy. Additionally, there are two fully-enclosed lavatories onboard, one of which can be equipped with a shower.

  • Seats: 14
  • Speed: 511 kts
  • Range: 5320 nm
  • Luggage Capacity: 325 cu. Ft.


Global 6000

The Global 6000 (formerly known as the Global Express XRS before 2011) is an improved version of the 5000, created to answer the needs of the world’s most discerning travelers for a more advanced, comfortable and luxurious long range business jet. With an improved cabin layout and lighting, the 6000 flies at a higher cruise speed, and increased range, allowing it to fly 6000 miles without stopping for fuel (hence its name).

“It’s the perfect aircraft to get from A to B,” says Matt. “Its range allows it to reach far flung destinations while also being able to operate from small, short runways. Combine that with its luxurious cabin and it’s a brilliant combination that makes customers want to fly in it more!”

Inside, the Global 6000 offers the ultimate in spaciousness, privacy, luxury and comfort. From a  well-appointed aft stateroom with its own amenities, to a separate and generous main cabin, ample galley and tons of natural light thanks to 28 large windows throughout, flying long distance in this aircraft is anything but cramped.

  • Seats: 14
  • Speed: 511 kts
  • Range: 6055 nm
  • Luggage Capacity: 325 cu. Ft.

The Future Of The Global Express

Additionally, Bombardier is currently working on the Global 7000 and 8000, both of which will increase the aircraft’s range and speed, enabling non-stop routes such as Los Angeles to Sydney.

The 8000 is set to be the world’s farthest-range business jet – making the Global Express aircraft even more enticing than ever.

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