August Travels: Where to Jet?

As we near the end of summer and gear up for the last vacations of the season, be sure to maximize the last weeks of sunshine.

Whether it’s out in nature, in the Cote d’Azur, or in the big city, there are plenty of options – and PrivateFly is standing by to arrange your private jet charter.

Check out our top destinations for August below – or call our 24/7 team at (866) 726-1222 to arrange a custom trip.

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1) French Riviera

A classic summer destination in Europe, the French Riviera has it all: glamour, gorgeous beaches, and French charm. Visit glitzy Monte Carlo or check out Cannes – there are a few different spots to enjoy.


PrivateFly has exclusive fixed-price flights going to Nice Cote d’Azur on the Nextant 400XTi, starting from €5,500.

Fly into Nice Cote d’Azur Airport or nearby Cannes Mandelieu for easy access to the French Riviera by private jet.

2) New York City

Ok – hear us out: the end of August brings the US Open tennis tournament, and between the balmy summer rooftop soirees and the opportunities to charter a helicopter to the Hamptons, there’s plenty of reasons to jet to the Big Apple.

NYC Hamptons Collage_600x400

PrivateFly can offer an exclusive fixed-price flight into New York from either Los Angeles or San Francisco on the 8-seat Challenger 300 – for just $29,000.

Fly right into Teterboro Airport, Manhattan’s dedicated private jet airport, for a quick journey into New York City.

3) Newport

While nearby Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard are traditionally very popular summer destinations in the Northeast, Newport is a welcome alternative to the busy crowds.

The Newport Jazz Festival falls in early August as well, for the musically-inclined.

Newport Jazz Fest_600x400

Fly into Newport State Airport as an easy private jet charter experience to start your trip.

4) Vancouver

August in Vancouver is ideal in many ways; from the dry, moderate temperatures to the fresh seafood and outdoor activities, many flock to this Canadian spot for a respite from the sweltering heat that engulfs much of the US in August.

Vancouver Skyline Dusk _600x400

Jet into Vancouver International Airport for a quick 20 minute commute into the city center.

5) Jackson Hole

Don’t be fooled – Jackson Hole is much more than just a winter ski destination; with national parks nearby as well as plenty of luxe accommodations and restaurants in town center, Jackson Hole is definitely a summer hotspot.

Jackson Hole Private Jet PrivateFly

Jackson Hole Airport offers easy access for private jet flights into the area.

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