With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up in the next couple of days, retailers both online and off, are gearing up for the big holiday shopping season with tons of deals and discounts. From TVs to clothes to toys and more, you can find a deal on almost anything you want during the coming weekend.

And while the private jet industry hasn’t quite embraced this same concept, there are certainly still some great deals to be had on empty legs during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday period you can take advantage of. Private jet empty legs – sometimes referred to as an empty sector – are one-way repositioning flights on private jets, offered at a substantial discount. These types of discounted private jet flights come about when a private jet is flying empty to start its next booked flight. The owner or operator will often be happy to sell this “empty” one-way flight at a big discount, sometimes taking as much as 75% off the full price.

For example, if an aircraft is currently on the ground in Chicago and is booked for a flight from New York City to Boston, it will need to fly to New York City to collect the passengers and to start the flight. So the Chicago to New York City flight would be a potential empty leg.

Obviously, the operator of the aircraft would prefer to sell this as a full price charter, but unlike airline flights – which are scheduled very tightly to avoid flying aircraft empty wherever possible – the private jet market is highly fragmented, with unique routes and schedules ad to fit each customer’s needs. So in reality, it is often very difficult to sell these types of repositioning flights to a private jet customer at full price. Therefore, the operator may be happy to cover their costs by selling it as an empty leg.

If you’re looking to fly on by private jet this weekend, there’s currently an empty leg offer from Washington DC to Fort Myers, Florida on an 8-seater Learjet 35A. The price is just $4,950 instead of the usual price of $10,820 – so that’s a private jet flight for just $619 per person if all the seats are filled.

For flights over the holiday period, there are some great empty leg offers in and out of major travel destinations this winter, which could be paired with an airline flight for the other leg, for a unique and memorable holiday trip.

If you’re looking to visit a ski resort by private jet, there’s currently an empty leg flight from Santa Ana, California to Salt Lake City, Utah on a Pilatus PC-12 which originally was $9,100 and is now just $4,200. Or fly out of Aspen to Santa Ana on a Challenger 601 with another available empty leg deal.

Or if you’re looking for a warm escape this holiday season, you can leave on a Gulfstream G200 with an available empty leg flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Upstate New York, for just $19,500 – a flight that was originally $45,180.

For more information, download the PrivateFly app for live updates on empty leg offers, or see our latest private jet empty legs here.