Is Private Jet Charter The New First Class?

When looking for a high quality flying experience, it comes down to two options: booking a first class seat on a commercial flight or renting a private jet.

At first, you may think that private jet travel is only for the rich and famous – but in reality, private jet travel isn’t as out of reach as you may think.

Is private jet charter better than first class?

Private jet travel can provide you with certain benefits a commercial flight just can’t – even if you are flying by first class.

First Class Travel

While in most cases, you’re more likely to pay more for a private jet flight compared to a flight class ticket, you still are at the mercy of the airline and the passengers around you.

While you may have expedited security, you still have to wait in line and stay on the aircraft while you wait for the rest of the passengers to board. You have no control of the flight, in case there are last minute changes.

Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter on the other hand, gives you way more control over your flight.

More options: Not only do you have more options when it comes to which aircraft you want to fly on, you also have more options on where you want to fly to and from. Private jets can land at

Flexible flight times: When you book a private jet charter, you’re in charge of when you take off. So if you’re delayed in traffic, you can call ahead to you pilot and delay the take off until you get there. No rushing and possibly missing your flight with private jet charter.

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

Passengers you know: When you rent a jet, you know everyone who is on board with you – because you invited them. No having to wonder who you will be sitting next to, like on an airline flight.

Quicker security & no waiting around: You can arrive at a private jet airport 15 to five minutes before take-off, and still leave on time. Private jet airport security is quick and seamless – sometimes you don’t even realize its happening!

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Cost Comparison

In general, the cost of a first class ticket will be less expensive than renting an entire jet. However, in some circumstances, private jet charter can be closer in cost to first class than you might think.

For example, if you are flying with a large group of people, sometimes chartering a plane for all of you, rather than booking individual tickets, can actually be cheaper than flying by airline.

Additionally, if you’re willing to be flexible, empty leg deals are often available on popular routes, helping you secure a private jet charter for up to 75% off the usual charter price.

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Private Jet charter benefits

Overall, while a first class ticket may cost less, private jet charter gives you far more benefits that flying commercially.

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