Ever wonder how much it would cost to jet down to the Caribbean for a weekend trip on a Citation XL? Or maybe, how much a short private jet trip would cost for a business function?

At PrivateFly, we’re often asked “How much would it cost me to fly from A to B on a private?” and while we deal with all sorts of flight requests from all over the world, no two flights are ever the same – even if the route might be.

As a snapshot, here are five flights we arranged this week, along with their prices.

Los Angeles To Las Vegas

We’ve been receiving an influx of bookings to Las Vegas lately, one of the most popular destinations for private jet customers. While the city is usually known for its wild parties, this week it was a flight for a businessman, looking to meet a new client in the Las Vegas area.

A price-conscious businessman chose to fly by Mustang for a business trip to Las Vegas.

Since the flight was for business, the client was looking for the most cost-effective aircraft he could choose. Thanks to PrivateFly’s software which allows customers to compare private jet prices online, our client was able to wisely choose the best aircraft for his trip and budget.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Paris to Zurich

One flight we flew this week was from an executive at a major corporation who was flying from their home office in Paris to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

With its annual winter meeting this week, multiple private jet bookings have been coming in from clients attending the event.  Every year, Davos drives peak private jet traffic to Zurich and its surrounding airports, with around 725 unique business aircraft flying in for last year’s event.

You can learn more about who’s flying in for Davos 2015 in our blog.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Lyon to Courchevel

We know that maximizing time on the slopes is a key priority for our customers. That’s why we’ve recently launched our exclusive ski transfer service, which offers the very best service and pricing for helicopter transfersto and from some of Europe’s most popular ski resort.

This week, one of our clients took advantage of our new offer, and received a VIP helicopter transfer for him and his friends (plus their ski equipment), who were spending a weekend skiing in Courchevel.

How much does it cost by helicopter?

Private jets are often used to get from island to island in the Caribbean.

Punta Cana to St Kitts & Nevis

With the peak of Caribbean season upon us, we’ve been receiving many inquiries recently for those seeking to leave the cold weather behind. This week, we flew a couple who were enjoying the warmth of more than one Caribbean Island, by flying by private jet to multiple islands.

When it comes to getting around the many islands in the region, private aviation is a popular choice as many of the islands’ runways are too short for larger aircraft and can only be reached by a small plane, such as a BN Islander. (To see the most popular Caribbean destination by private jet travelers, visit our Top Caribbean Private Jet Airports page.)

How much does it cost by private jet?

London to Lithuania

PrivateFly has extensive experience in arranging all sorts of specialized flights, including medical evacuation and air ambulance flights. This experience came in especially handy this week when a client required an immediate paramedic escort back to their home after a road accident.

By using our PrivateFly app, our Flight Team was able to arrange the last minute flight quickly, and stayed in regular contact with the operator and customer to ensure that everything necessary for a smooth trip was provided.

How much does it cost by private jet?

For a personalized quote for your flight itinerary, use our flight search on the website or apps, or contact us – our Flight Team is available 24 hours at (866) 726-1222.