Five of the Most Luxurious Weekend Getaways Around the World

At PrivateFly, many of our clients charter private jets for business reasons. Prioritizing their time to attend meetings on a tight schedule, makes traveling by private jet a valid resource for the busy businessman.

However, some clients choose to fly by private jet in order to enjoy the ultimate traveling experience in complete luxury. With some jets offering beds, offices, pianos, fish tanks and more, it’s no wonder that those looking for a lavish getaway often choose to do so by private jet.

And for those who are looking to have the most luxurious weekend trip imaginable, from takeoff to the hotel and back, we’ve rounded up some of the most exquisite hotel suites around the world, and given it the top private jet treatment by adding what a flight would cost on a Gulfstream G650 – the world’s most exclusive private jet on the charter market.

Here are some of the most luxurious weekend (3 night) trips by private jet, plus their estimated costs:

1. Two-Story Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort (Las Vegas): $209,000 by private jet

(Source: Palms Casino Resort)

If you want to experience Las Vegas like a high-roller, there’s no better way to arrive than by a G650. As one of the most exclusive private jets in the market, you will certainly make a VIP entrance by flying in on this stylish aircraft. And there’s no better VIP treatment than staying at the Sky Villa at the Palms Casino.  The monumental rooms are Sin City’s ultimate party pads, featuring over-the-top amenities such as a glass-enclosed Jacuzzi pool, a fitness center, and a 24-hour butler service.

Hotel Cost: $40,000 per night

G650 Private Jet Flight Miami – Las Vegas – Miami: $89,000 (3Hrs 20Mins)

2. Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissia (Athens, Greece):  $298,000 by private jet

(Source: Grand Resort Lagonissia)

Take advantage of the G650’s speed and range to quickly jet off to sunny Greece for a weekend. There, you can soak in the beautiful Greek sunshine with a stay at this Royal Villa’s outdoor pool and private BBQ. Or if you’re not the outdoor-type, you can enjoy the indoor pool (in your villa) and the brilliant artwork-filled interior.

Hotel Cost: $52,000 per night

G650 Private Jet Flight Paris – Athens – Paris: $142,000 (2Hrs 5Mins)

3. Ty Warner Penthouse Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel New York (NYC): $206,000 by private jet

(Source: Four Seasons Hotel New York)

Thanks to the G650’s large oval windows, you’ll be able to take in the sites of the famous New York City skyline as you fly in for your luxurious weekend trip in the Big Apple. And if you didn’t get enough views from the aircraft, don’t worry – the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite offers an unbeatable 260-degree view of the skyline and Central Park from its 800-foot-high Midtwon perch. The highest suite in the city, this room also comes with access to a 24-hour personal butler, a Rolls-Royce chauffeur, a personal trainer, and even an art concierge.

Hotel Cost: $40,000 per night

G650 Private Jet Flight LA – New York City – LA: $86,000 (3Hrs 44Mins)

4. Suite Cupola at the Westin Excelsior (Rome, Italy): $214,000 by private jet

(Source: Westin Excelsior)

The G650 is the perfect vehicle for arriving into Rome. With its sleek and stylish design, you’ll already be in a Roman state-of-mind before touching the ground. After your flight, live like a Roman emperor in the marvelously decorated Suite Cupola, with exquisitely painted bathroom ceilings, a dining room that can host up to ten people and an exquisite bedroom to sleep in.

Hotel Cost: $25,000 per night

G650 Private Jet Flight Lisbon – Rome – Lisbon: $139,000 (1Hr 54Mins)

5. Presidential Suite at the Hotel Martinez (Cannes, France): $209,000 by private jet

(Source: Hotel Martinez)

If you’re looking for a little space for the weekend, starting your weekend trip off on a G650 flight will provide you with more than enough leg room. And the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes definitely has room to spare, measuring a stunning 10,700 square feet. Plus, with stunning views over the Bay of Cannes and the famous Boulevard de la Croisette, you won’t even have to leave to see the city.

Hotel Cost: $20,000 per night

G650 Private Jet Flight New York City – Cannes – New York City: $149,000 (5Hrs 56Mins)

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