Hotels Fit for Your Inner #AvGeek

Many private jet charter customers request aircraft that have beds on board, if not fully reclining seats with space to relax.

But for the many aviation enthusiasts, the occasional opportunity to sleep during a flight simply isn’t enough.

We’ve rounded up some unique hotels that incorporate decommissioned private jets or airline aircraft into their accommodations, for a way to experience aviation while on the ground.

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The Jet Star

The Jet Star is a converted 1970s 9-seat Lockheed Jetstar based in Wales. It is listed on Airbnb for travelers seeking an aviation-twist to their vacation.

The aircraft was one of the first purpose-built business jets on the market, with famous passengers including Elvis Presley and President Johnson.

Courtesy Airbnb.

Image courtesy Airbnb.

Converted into a 4-person pod, the aircraft retains many of its original features from the early 70s.

The Jet Star also features a double bedroom, a single bed behind the cockpit, and a sofa-bed in the main living area.

Courtsey Airbnb

Image courtesy Airbnb

Though the on-board private bathroom has running water, passengers seeking a more luxurious hot shower might venture off-board to the nearby adjunct facilities.

The cockpit itself is a game-area, with an Xbox and of course, flight games.

Airplane Suite Teuge

When visiting Teuge, in the Netherlands, aviation enthusiasts need look no further than the airport itself for a unique hotel stay.

Courtesy Uniq Hotels

Courtesy Uniq Hotels

Overlooking the Teuge Airport runway sits a decommissioned 1960-era turbo-prop airliner converted as a single luxurious suite.

Courtesy Uniq Hotels

Courtesy Uniq Hotels

Furnished with a spacious living room, dining spaces, jacuzzi, sleeping space, and untouched cockpit, the suite is any proclaimed AvGeek’s dream.

Courtesy Uniq Hotels

Courtesy Uniq Hotels

In the 1990’s the jet served as a stationary restaurant, until it was acquired and re-modeled as a hotel suite in 2007.

Jumbo Stay Hostel

When traveling in Sweden, consider a stop in Stockholm to the Jumbo Stay Hostel.

Image courtesy Jumbo Stay Hostel

Image courtesy Jumbo Stay Hostel

A converted Boeing 747-200 based just outside the airport features 33 rooms with mostly bunk-style shared spaces.

Originally built in 1976, this aircraft also features many of its original “groovy” design elements, as seen in the dining area.

Image courtesy Jumbo Stay Hostel

Image courtesy Jumbo Stay Hostel

The on-board restaurant is open to the public, so even if you don’t secure a reservation, you can still enjoy the view of the nearby Stockholm-Arlanda Airport activities.

Hotel Costa Verde

Nestled in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica, the Hotel Costa Verde features a Boeing 727 as part of a suite.

Image courtesy Hotel Costa Verde

Image courtesy Hotel Costa Verde

A decommissioned Boeing 727 from 1965, the jet is suspended 50 ft in the air in the middle of the jungle, offering stunning views of the surrounding wildlife.

Image courtesy Hotel Costa Verde

Image courtesy Hotel Costa Verde

The suite features two spacious bedrooms in the aircraft fuselage area, along with a unique dining terrace built around the wings of the aircraft. The hotel also offers nearby bungalows.

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