Preventing Jet Lag & Other Frequent Flyer Tips From Mrs O

Mrs O Interview With PrivateFly

Mrs O in Paris (Credit: Flytographer)

At PrivateFly, we fly a number of different passengers for a number of different reasons. Some choose to fly privately for a special occasion, but most of our customers fly quite frequently and use private jets to maximize their time.

Flying frequently, even on a private jet, can pay a toll on your body and your mental health. It can sometimes leave you feeling tired or deprived – not allowing you to work or enjoy your time at your destination.

To help those who need to fly frequently, or for those who are just going on a long haul flight, we decided to talk to frequent flyer and luxury travel blogger Ana Silva O’Reilly (also known as Mrs O Around the World) to see how she makes the most out of her flights.

Mrs O (who is a judge for our Most Scenic Airport Approaches poll) has been traveling to stunning destinations for the past four years now – sharing tips, tricks and insights to some of the best places to eat, drink and shop around the world.

Here’s what Mrs O had to say about surviving long-haul flights and making flying enjoyable:

You fly quite often. Do you have any pre-flight rituals you always complete before each flight?

Mrs O: Interestingly, I do. Since completing the British Airways’ Flight Safety Awareness Course a few years ago, I’ve changed the way I board a plane. First, I count the rows with my hands and always check where the nearest exit is. I learned how to operate these exits, and their doors, which taught me a lot.

I also say a little prayer. Even though I’m not a nervous flyer at all (I actually love flying), I always do these three things.

Is there anything you always keep with you in your carry-on or purse during flights?

Mrs O: I’m quite low maintenance when it comes to that – I always carry contact lens solution and Advil. Those are my only musts.

Mrs O Tells PrivateFly About Her Favorite Flying Tips

Mrs O in Kuala Lumpur (Credit: Flytographer)

Which flight route do you absolutely love?

Mrs O: I love long flights, so Los Angeles to London is an ideal flight for me. I honestly love flights that are 10 to 11 hours long. With shorter flights, especially the East Coast to Europe, the flight time tends to be even shorter than expected – and after I do the math, I realize that I won’t even get more than three hours of sleep!

I really love West to East night flights as well. I recently flew to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and had no problems sleeping at all.

For a long flight like that, how do you combat jet lag? Do you have any tricks to try and avoid it?

Mrs O: As soon as I get on the plane, I change my time to the destination and I do my absolute best to stay on local time. Then when I land, I try to stay awake for as long as I can.

Sadly, I think if anything, jet lag gets worse as I get older. I used to be able to jet of to New York City for a weekend and be fresh as a cucumber. Now, while I still do it, coming back isn’t as peachy!

When you’re not sleeping on a long flight, what do you do to keep yourself occupied?

Mrs O: I see long haul flights as “me time” and I really enjoy not being contactable during the flight. In Europe, Wi-Fi isn’t standard, which is fine by me! I always catch up on new movies and read magazines. I really enjoy some light, easy reading.

Jet Lag Tips From PrivateFly

Mrs O in Abu Dhabi (Credit: Flytographer)

We love the idea of viewing flights as “me time”. Do you have any other thoughts on making frequent traveling easier?

Mrs O: Personally, I wish more people dressed up, rather than dressed down when they fly. I know people want to be comfortable, but a flight is not a trip to the beach.

Wearing layers is super important when flying due to the drastic temperature changes. To combat that, I never leave the house without one of my cashmere scarves – they always come in handy on a flight.

To follow Mrs O on her adventures around the world, check out her blog at or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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