Our Favorite Pet-Jet-Setting Stories

Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and even the occasional ferret or fish – all count not only as furry friends but as members of the modern family.

When moving homes or traveling on holiday, transporting our pets has become paramount. Safety concerns abound when considering flying them commercially whether in cargo or in the cabin.

For these reasons, flying animals on private jets is becoming more and more popular – even among those people who would not normally consider private aviation an option. On a private aircraft, the pet can travel in comfort in the cabin right next to their owner, minimizing stress for everybody.

While traveling as a person via private jet charter may be about convenience and luxury, transporting pets is more and more simply about getting them to their destination in good health and great spirits.

As today is National Pet Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite “pets on jets” stories, along with pictures of our own furry friends.

Cats on a Plane

A freedom-loving owner wanted her two cats to be cage-free when moving from London to San Francisco. Apart from during take-off and landing, where the kitties needed to be in their carriers, the felines enjoyed a purr-fect transatlantic journey, exploring the cabin at will.

Cats like the window seat too!

Cats like the window seat too!

Bi-coastal Bunnies

Bunnies have stress too! A family moving from New York to Los Angeles needed to fly not only their children but their beloved bunnies, one of which was elderly. They were too concerned about putting the animals in a crate and in cargo, so instead, the whole family few together where the rabbits sat happily on the kids’ laps. A much easier way to start life on a new coast!

Petting Zoo at 30,000 ft.

One flight, two pilots, two owners and 10 animals – it sounds like the start to a joke, but this was one real (furry and feathery) flight!  An unexpected but fully embraced request saw us transporting one family’s two dogs, two cats, and six pet birds (four pigeons, a cockatiel and a finch) on a trip from London to Alicante, Spain. The flight was seamless if a bit noisy!

Basically Noah's Ark!

Basically Noah’s Ark!

Best Training for Miles

When considering how to best train man’s best friend, some owners seek out the crème de la crème in schooling. We flew an owner and his young German shepherd to a special facility to consult the best in dog training.

Our Office Buddies

We’re a dog-friendly company, too! We love having our furry companions close to us.

Carol Cork & Tex

Carol Cork & Tex in the UK Office!

Birdie in our Fort Lauderdale Office!

Birdie in our Fort Lauderdale Office!

For your viewing pleasure, we made a short video of the cutest rescue pups receiving the PrivateFly Treatment.

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