Our Favorite Private Jet Movie Moments

At PrivateFly, we love any chance to talk about private jets. From discussing the best aircraft option to a customer for a trip, to spotting the use of private jets in unusual places; we can’t get enough of them.

One of our favorite places to spot private jets is in movies. Whether a jet is majorly featured, or there’s just a quick glimpse of one on set, our team loves to discuss which movies featured which jets.

Here are some favorite private jet movie moments, straight from our PrivateFly team:

American Hustle features the Falcon 50.


“I love the scene in American Hustle with Dassault’s Falcon 50. However, there is one blooper – the Falcon 50 wasn’t actually FAA certified for use until March 1979, and the film is set in 1978!” – Mehdi Dialmy, Head of Flight Department


“Got to vote for the Lockheed Martin Jetstar scene in Face Off – it’s a classic!” – Alex Peake, Senior Flight Advisor


“What girl doesn’t love the scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere’s character whisks Julia Roberts away on a Gulfstream IV to see the opera for the first time?” – Vicky Skeat, Financial Controller


“Love seeing the Gulfstream G200 in the Ocean’s Thirteen movie.” – Sam Roxon, North American Product Executive

The Gulfstream IV was very popular private jet when Pretty Woman was filmed.


“The Dassault Falcon 900 private jet scene in Thank You For Smoking.” – Viv Diprose, Marketing Manager (Even one of our Twitter followers, @TedToToe, suggested this one too!)


“Bond films always heavily feature private jets, probably because they’re the best way to travel for a superspy. The Bombardier Challenger 604 scene in Quantum of Solace is one of my favorites.” – Adam Twidell, CEO


“The modified Boeing 737 Business Jet in Iron Man is pretty wild, even though it’s a CGI mockup in the film.” – Geoffrey Ofori, Website Assistant


“During The Blacklist, the exterior scenes of Raymond Reddington’s jet show a Learjet 60, but then the interior scenes are filmed inside a Gulfstream. This is often done in a lot of movies actually, but only if you have a basic knowledge of jets do you realize it!” – Julien Molinet, Product Manager

The BBJ wasn't "cool" enough for Iron Man, so they made alterations to it with a computer.

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