Precious Cargo: How to Transport What Matters Most

As Art Basel Miami Beach approaches, we often find customers asking if they can fly with their newly-purchased masterpieces in the cabin with them. And the answer is: Yes! One of the many advantages to flying private include the ability to keep what you value most close to you while you travel.

Whether the piece sits in its own seat in the cabin or is safely tucked into the luggage hold, many find extra peace of mind when their new investments are physically nearby.

Those leaving Miami with newly acquired art could charter a Gulfstream G450 to New York starting from $25,000, for example.

The spacious G450 interior can accommodate your most previous objects - as well as provide a luxurious, relaxing flight for you. (Image: Gulfstream)

The spacious G450 interior can accommodate your most previous objects – as well as provide a luxurious, relaxing flight for you. (Image: Gulfstream)

Flying in a private jet is only one aspect of the overall experience that can assist with transporting precious items though – FBOs themselves also offer advantages. Private jet terminals ensure a higher level of privacy and security that larger airports simply cannot accommodate.

Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport, with a choice of three FBOs, can offer such an experience in South Florida. Teterboro Airport, with its six FBOs, is often the airport of choice among private jet travelers flying into New York.

Miami Opa Locka_600x400

Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport is a quick drive from all the buzz of Art Basel Miami Beach.

But Art Basel Miami Beach isn’t the only time of year where travelers might want to keep their valuables at hand while flying.

Other common scenarios such as moving to a new or second home can also steer people to private jet charter (often for the first time!). When considering how to transport precious art or jewelry when moving somewhere new, often customers prefer to have these items in the cabin with them.

And a luxurious heavy jet can offer the ultimate setting in which to transport them – plush seats, soft carpet, and often a smoother flying experience can ease a lot of the stress associated with the logistics of moving.

Bombardier to offer several Global 7500 cabin features © Bombardier

The luxurious cabin of the Global 7500 © Bombardier

Another factor that arises when moving is the tricky business of bringing the family’s furry friends along. With the recent airline restrictions and general hazards of bringing pets on an airliner, many are opting to charter private aircraft to mitigate (or sometimes totally eliminate) many of the risks.

As long as the proper documentation is provided, your pet can roam the cabin with you. The expert team at PrivateFly can advise on the specific regulations when crossing country lines, but for any domestic US flight, the process is relatively simple (and much more simple than when flying commercially).

Our own Fur-st Officer, Tex with Carol

Our own Fur-st Officer, Tex with Carol Cork*

Recently, a group of devoted dog-lovers moving from the islands to the mainland decided to fly together from Hawaii to Los Angeles – so they chartered a Gulfstream GIV  from Maui to Van Nuys Airport in LA to safely transport their beloved canines.


What could be better than champagne & puppies?

When moving, many customers also consider flying privately with young children or any disabled family members to ease the stress of the journey.

While many focus on the human comforts of flying private, there are other reasons many choose to charter a private jet; when transporting what we hold most dear – from our pets to physical investments – sometimes the most reassuring option lies in private aviation.

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*Please note that PrivateFly operates as a private jet charter broker and does not own aircraft.