Private Jet Customer Reviews

Today, the voice of the consumer has never been more important. Reviews and testimonials from customers have become a powerful recommendation and a vital way for companies to showcase their products and services online to new, prospective customers.

Specifically within the travel industry, customer reviews can open up a dialogue online about the quality of the particular service and offer genuine suggestions and tips when travelling with a certain company.

At PrivateFly, we love receiving feedback – not only from our customers, but also from the operators and airports that we work with on a regular basis. Customer experience is our top priority, so testimonials are a great way to ensure that we’re providing VIP service to all of our clients. Plus it helps us recognize any areas we might need to adjust, to make sure our customers’ experiences continue to improve with each private jet trip they book with us.

We feel that reviews from our customers should be verified independently and publicly available – so that those who are considering using us know what to expect when they book a private jet trip with us. That’s why we encourage our customers to leave reviews about our services online, that are viewable to the public. As the first private jet company to do this, PrivateFly made another step towards making the private jet booking process even more transparent on top of our other industry innovations, such as our private jet cost calculator and mobile app.

You can see all of our current reviews on TrustPilot. Or, you can see testimonials from our customers, operators and airports here.